HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Review

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HalfSun Fitness Tracker, Activity Tracker Fitness Watch with Heart Rate Monitor Review
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You will never miss a call or a message if you connect your HalfSun fitness tracker with your smartphone. It would vibrate to notify you to incoming phone calls, SMS text messages, and social media communications (Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Skype, and so on). Long-term sedentary work and study habits are common among white-collar professionals and students, and they have a negative effect on health. The sedentary reminder function in HalfSun V2 can remind you to take a break or go for a walk to prevent the negative effects of sedentary behaviour. You can use it to swim or shower without issue, but don’t allow V2 come into contact with hot water or wear it to deep dive (depth greater thanen 3 metres).

What makes this product a smarter choice?

Number 1: Female Menstruation Period Reminder and Pregnancy Planning: This function may be utilised as a timely reminder of the user’s various physiological stages, making it the ideal present for a woman.

Number 2: Connected GPS: Your smartphone’s GPS can display run metrics such as pace and distance, as well as capture a map of your exercise path.

Number 3: Heart Rate and Blood Pressure Monitor 24/7: Enable the app’s “Heart Rate Automatically Monitor” and “Blood Pressure Automatically Monitor” functions, and HalfSun Watch will automatically track your heart rate and blood pressure in real time. You can also receive a full report in the app.

Number four: Outstanding Ergonomic Design: Large Color-Screen: The beauty of everything is on display. A 1.3-inch IPS HD full-color screen with excellent contrast and broad gamut provides a delightful high-definition picture experience; Skin-friendly and light-weight material

Number 5: All-day Activity Tracking: Track all of your actions throughout the day, such as steps, distance, calories burnt, active minutes, and sleep quality, and receive a full report in the app.

Number 6: Heart Rate, Blood Pressure, and Sleep Monitor: Automatically and constantly monitors real-time heart rate and blood pressure, as well as providing a comprehensive report in the app. Tracks your sleep quality automatically, allowing you to analyse the data and enhance your habits and traditions.

Sport Modes, Sleep Monitor, Step Counter, Calorie Counter, Call Alert(Hang up), Turn wrist snap pictures, Alarm, Sedentary Alert, SMS&SNS Alert; Connect the GPS on your smartphone can display run data like pace and distance and create a map of your exercise path.

Number 8: Important Note: Please connect to your smartphone via the “H Band” app rather than Bluetooth;

When checking your blood pressure, please keep your wrist still. Please don’t assume it won’t function when you wake up since the sleeping data is refreshed every 24 hours. Set up the Alarm, Sedentary Alert, SMS&SNS Alert features in the app by tapping “Mine”-greater then “V2”-greater then start setting up; If you have a connection issue with your Android smartphone, please configure “H Band” to auto run in the App management, authorise “H Band,” and turn on all switches in the App permission.

plus a whole lot more…

Frequently Asked Questions:

First and foremost, how large is the wrist band?
Answer: It measures 9.10 inches in length and 0.79 inches in breadth.

Question #2: How can I use this fitness tracker to capture photos?
Answer: Actually, it’s a remote camera control function; the watch can’t shoot pictures by itself, but it can remotely control the linked smartphone to do so; the distance between the watch and the connected smartphone can’t exceed 33 feet (10 metres).

Question #3: Will this watch fit a woman’s wrist measuring 6 inches?
No issue, it’s an adjustable band that nearly fits any wrist size.

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