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We are traveling around visiting different gyms for a new video and here we are visiting the new 24 Hour Fitness in Avenel, New Jersey where I re-connect with an old friend of mine Nick Labella.Nick has joined this new gym as one of the trainers at 24 Hour Fitness and wanted to team up with yours truly to film a motivational video to inspire others and come on down and train.Listen to Nick’s driven interview and enjoy the workout video we did together! Follow me on Instagram for even more content! #mobilefilmmaking #superheroworkout #heroicmuscle
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  1. Enzo Vanooteghem

    that dude uses a belt for lateral shoulder raise. He probably thinks he's a beast as well lol. Please don't do video's with people like that guys.

  2. Gnrv Hrnndz

    I go to lifetime athletic and Damn 24 looks like shit compared to 24 😂


    I do recall that Chris responds with anything with a high dose of Yohimbe HCL like Hooligan.He only feels stuff that fucks up the majority of the human population.

  4. Nicholas Huss

    Where's my heroic muscle shirt at??? I need that….

  5. Nicholas Huss

    Big nick in the house!!! Heroic muscle repping hard. Much love

  6. Salvador Aceves

    Yea man!!! Muscle players dropping some new videos to day, first Eddie and now Allan have a great sunday guys

  7. thomas mcdonald

    Amazing high quality YouTube video love the information that was in this YouTube video and still working on my goal in my life to be a bodybuilder and compete

  8. ppazumas

    Bang double dose of hot YouTube videos dropping

  9. Chris Galore

    Boom sunday sunday sunday just keeps getting better

  10. NvThaKidd

    New Muscle Players… now new Heroic?! Do you guys plan out the days you release videos together?? 🤔

  11. Manuel Banuchi

    Good video. Helped me to have an idea on what to workout today.

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