Gravitas: Researchers identify gene variant that makes Indians susceptible to diabetes

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Researchers from IIT Madras have identified a gene variant that makes people susceptible to diabetes and hypertension. The variant has been found in 15% of Indian population. Palki Sharma has a report.

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  1. Julia M

    Indians lifestyle are among worst in the planet which mainly contributed to Diabetes.

  2. Mc Rand

    Who OR How? (Your screen grab tittle)

  3. Adithya s

    Indian gene with greed ingredient leads to diabetes. Keep earning. Grabing money as much as they can. Selfish mind. They don't know to be happy.

  4. Adebisi Aminat

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  5. Adebisi Aminat

    All thanks to (Dr Obulor) herbal protocol on YouTube we're I found what helped with my diabetes and HSV2 along with a vegan diet ✅

  6. अहं ब्रह्मास्मि

    इसलिये हमे हमारी संस्कृति से एक वरदान मिला है जिसे योग कहते है और व्रत ( उपवास) रख कर लोग खुद के शरीर को ठीक करने का समय देते थे जो आज के समय लोग करते नही व्रत ( उपवास) प्रेग्नेंसी और दूध पिलाने वाली माँ के लिये नही होता है छोटे बच्चो को भी उपवास करने की जरूरत नही है

  7. thulomanchay

    It could be the result of super sweet tea and confectionaries.

  8. smir fgfj

    Of course there is a gene but our diet plays a huge role too. We eat too much and too frequent also. Here in Europe there is a lot of obesity and America even more.

  9. K Kking

    Because the have adopted western junk food diet.


    My type 2 Diabetes came to an end after using the natural herbs medication which I ordered from Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel.
    The herbs medication was indeed very effective and helpful.

  11. Janis Nielson

    I really can’t stop thanking Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my Diabetes disease with his natural herbs medication.
    I feel so great again living a more comfortable life being free from Diabetes disease permanently

  12. Parijat Sharma

    Great work by the students in IIT Madras! Can have some people who can pay for such tests to live a cautious life to prevent the disease. But like we know, every body has cancer cells too….but it is all about good living habits and stress control or mitigation. Our society needs a framework system that helps / support good and stress feee lifestyle and habits while creating a sustainable economy and environment.
    Genes are not involved in everything! So many people suffer from various food allergies in the west. My kid being one while we don’t have any such allergies running in either side of his family tree! Chronic lifelong problem untill solved!! It’s not generic to begin but it may affect suture generations…..environment for sure is the trigger of such mutations….So rather holding on to the tail of the beast…we need to catch its head, if we have the power and if we can!!

  13. Mallikarjunayya Hosmath

    Junk. All cooked up stats to make you believe you have problem and then say we have the solution BUY IT. Our food siri dhanya(millets) keeps us healthy. Don't stuff youself with anything and everything in panic. Ref. To Dr. Khader or Dr. B.M.Hegde.

  14. Vishal

    Thanks to vaccine to make gene variant so we indians can easily get suceptible to diabetes

  15. Dethslyr

    We too many carbs and sugars multiple times a day

  16. Anand G

    🙏Team, IIT Chennai
    @1:00 "57 % of the cases remain undiagnosed"…, so clear fact that diabetes gene mutant is recessive.
    To complete the story, is the gene and mutant located on autosome Or sex-chromosome🤔

  17. Ipad Youtube

    Thumbnail has a grammatical error..

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