Glucose Tolerance Test [OGTT, IGTT]: Glucose Tolerance Curve, Typical Values and the Impact

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This video explains about Oral Glucose Tolerance Test and Intravenous Glucose Tolerance Test.

Glucose Tolerance test is conducted to check the ability of body to utilize glucose.

Glucose Tolerance Test helps the doctor to define the status of glucose tolerance based on the plasma glucose levels at 120 mins.

Glucose Tolerance Curve analysis can give insights on the body’s ability to utilize glucose.

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GTT is a blood test that is used to diagnose gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Watch as Dr. Ankush describes about this test, how it’s done, how much fasting needs to be done and what should we expect from the results.

Glucode Tolerance Test prices in India:
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  1. Vindhiya K

    Ur voice are very clear ..nice presentation 👍

  2. Mehjabin Chowdhury

    Hello sir. can one can Have anything in 2 hours after having 75 grams glucose

  3. Bujji Kunche

    Nenu 7 month pregnent sar. Sugar test lo. Fasting. 84 1 hour after. glucose 184 2 hours ki 155 undi normal la kada sar chepandi plz


    I want this presentation material

  5. Gowri Shetty

    The individuals initial blood glucose concentration is measured after fasting. The individual then drinks a glucose solution and changes in their blood glucose levels are measured for at least the nest 2 hours. A diabetics starting blood glucose concentration is usually much higher than that of a non diabetic and during the test the a diabetics blood glucose concentration will increase to a much higher level than that of a non diabetic and will take longer to return to its starting concentration!

  6. Sharada Devi

    Thank you madam 75g Glucose dissolve in how many ml Of water

  7. Janis Nielson

    I just wanna express my gratitude to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for curing my Type 2 Diabetes with his herbal medication. God will bless you Dr IGUDIA

  8. Sabrina McAlister

    Coming across Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel was the beginning of a new life for me after using his herbs medication to cure my type 2 Diabetes


    Thank u ma'am. U explained the Concept in a very Nice and Simplified way ❤😊

  10. S.vasanth kumar S.vasanth Kumar

    Excellent teach madam 👏🙏

  11. M Husain

    Dear Dr. Why don't you test insulin in the blood. The presence sugar in the blood is a malfunction…

  12. gowri shanker

    Madam on July 20 fbs is 71 after 15 days fbs is 109 what should I do

  13. Poppy

    Is this done with a glucometer or a blood draw?

  14. Parbati Bhandari

    Can diabetic patients do Ogtt test? Is it safe as it may shoot blood sugar level?

  15. Vidyakavi Veerappan

    My gtt is 92.3 …after 2 hours….by taking 75 gm of glucose…am I diabetic….

  16. Neha

    Me 25 week pregnent hu
    21 week mai mera GTT hua fasting sugar 82
    1 hour post glucose 167
    2 hour post glucose 182
    1 hour and 2 hour mai urine mai Glucose positive tha
    Uske bad hba1c 5.74 aya
    FBS 72
    Ppbs 85
    Kya mujhe gestational diabetes he ya nahi doctor kuch clear nh kr paa rhe please help me please reply

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