glucose golerance test | ogtt test for pregnancy | gtt test normal range | gtt test in pregnancy

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glucose golerance test | ogtt test for pregnancy | gtt test normal range | gtt test in pregnancy

Demystifying GTT Test in Pregnancy! Learn About Glucose Tolerance & Normal Ranges. Pregnancy Health Insights Unveiled! 🤰🩺 glucose golerance test | ogtt test for pregnancy | gtt test normal range | gtt test in pregnancy

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  2. Harmanjeet Kaur

    27week pregnent
    1hour: 201
    Pls tell if its high or fine?

  3. Umama Ansari

    I am 8th month pregnant
    My fasting sugar 89
    1 hr 170
    2hr 171 its normal

  4. Shikha Singh

    Sir mera fasting 62 after taking 75 gram gulocose 1 hr 183 & 2 hours 160

  5. namburi magi

    Sir my fasting 103 after taking 100grm glucose,after 1hr 170 after 2hr 151


    75gm glucose lene ke 2hours ke bad 154 aya h its normal

  7. Hetvi Jariwala

    75mg glucose test
    Fasting – 80
    0.5 hour – 162
    1 hour – 156
    1.5 hour – 150
    2 hour – 110

    Is this normal?
    Can i eat sweet ?

  8. Khan Family

    Fasting 93,after 75 gm glucose 184 and after 2 hr 122

  9. Shahida Tariq

    Sir mari 5 months pregnancy ha doctor ne GcT krwaya 163 Aya Kia ye normal hai

  10. mausami verma

    Hello sir mera 27 week pregnancy ogtt test fasting me 79 glucose pine ke 1hr bad 182 aur 2 hr bad 180 aya h ky sugar level Jada h?

  11. DSJ Tips

    Good evening sir,am 6th month pregnent, My OGTT test result is 153 is it normal sir? in fasting at morning 9:15 am taking glucose powder with water, after 2hrs at 11:15am they collect the blood sample, my OGTT test result is 153 sir, can you please reply sir

  12. Rafaqat Hussain official

    Fasting 92
    After 1 hour 193
    After 2 hr 167

  13. Samreen😇😇

    I am 8 month pregnant.. 75 gram glucose ke bad after 2 hours mera 179 aaya hai ogt test kya ye normal hai please reply karna

  14. Aqsa Ehsan

    I am 8 month fasting level is 70 after taking glucose 1 hour sugar level is 159 and 2nd hour sugar level is it normal?


    Mam fasting 89
    1 hrs glucose 198
    2 hrs bhath 175 normala jadha mam

  16. Deepika Jain

    My fasting result is 98.4 after glucose one hour is 166.4 and after 2 hour 179.2 it is normal ?

  17. Sunita negi

    Mera fasting 55 and after 2 hrs 62 h
    Is this normal

  18. Surekha Kale

    Mera fasting 106 and 75 glucose lene ke bad 1 hour 189 and fir se 1 hour 158

  19. sushma karanth

    Fasting and 50 ml of glucose after one hour the range is 146 is normal or diabetes

  20. Arsh Amrit

    Sir 159 after 1 hour in 14th week of pregnancy. Is it normal ?

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