Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels High In Morning

Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels High In Morning
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Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels High In Morning

Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels High In Morning. This video outlines ALL the strategies you can use to fix your morning blood sugars levels. Includes new strategies in gestational diabetes care you may not have tried. If you are on insulin and still not having good morning sugars watch until the very end to see why and what you can do.

Gestational Diabetes Meal Plan By A Registered Dietitian:

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If you have Gestational Diabetes Blood Sugar Levels that are high and want gestational diabetes control, download this gestational diabetes diet and gestational diabetes meal plan. This video will explain how to fix your gestational diabetes high fasting reading. gestational diabetes morning fasting levels are one of the biggest concerns. Follow these steps and gestational diabetes recipes to fix your high fasting blood sugars reading. Refer to the gestational diabetes sugar level chart to meet your target levels.

This is general information only. Refer to your doctor or healthcare professional for individualized medical advice and meal plan for your gestational diabetes. If you are on insulin, always check with your doctor before changing your carbohydrate or insulin amount or you could be at risk of hypoglycemia.

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  1. Amanda mojica

    All thanks and gratitude to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my Diabetes disease with his herbs medication which I ordered from him. His herbs medication are indeed very effective and cures Diabetes permanently.

  2. Chris Baker

    My daughter drinks lots of water and urinates with the same rate, there are no other symptoms to show if those have anything to do with diabetes. This is a good information that I have gone through Diabets.Care She is 2 years 9 months, hale and healthy, have not done any blood test. But I am not certain if one can get diabetes at such a tender age. Please I will like to know more on that

  3. Dorothy Putz

    Dr IGUDIA on YouTube natural herbs medication are indeed very effective when it comes to Diabetes cure. I have been using his herbal medication and I’m loving my new life again after suffering from type 2 Diabetes for years.

  4. durdana smou

    I am on 35 weeks and my OB-GYN predicted GD in my first trimester because I have had PCOS for 12 years, which increases insulin resistance. My blood sugar level spiked too high after meal, it could not be controlled with oral hypoglycemi and finally had to switch to Insulin, even then my endocrinologist had to increase the insulin dose last week. I kept researching for low GI foods, ended up decreasing carbs and replacing it with healthy proteins and fats (lentil soup and cheese worked wonders). I am praying that my baby does not have any complications due to my GD.

  5. Stacy Wallen

    Just diagnosed last week & so frustrated because I eat much healthier now than I did in my first pregnancy & I didn't get gestational diabetes in my first pregnancy.

  6. Margaret Belcher Rudd

    The day I came across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel was the day I started living a more comfortable life again after using his herbs medication in curing my Diabetes disease

  7. Lexxis Ward

    I'm on 40 units of insulin at bedtime, I push that to 10 pm even though I'm ready to sleep by 9pm. All of my daytime numbers are in range. I was told to try a high protein snack after I take my insulin which is so hard for me to do because I'm exhausted and not hungry but I do it anyway and my fasting is STILL always high. With insulin. Diet control and walking when I can it's always high and idk what to do anymore. I test between 6-7am because that's when my toddler gets us up… My doc just keeps increasing my insulin by 5 units but it's not helping.

  8. Peace Keeper

    Is 97 mg/dL fasting blood sugar normal? I am not following any diet but during the day my values 2 h after food it's under 115 mg/dL. I am frustrated about my mornings results.

  9. Ethan Dsouza

    I try to skip my carbs at dinner and have a protein rich dinner post which my blucon shows perfect morning fasting sugars.

  10. SonyaOutThere2020

    How do you do all this while suffering from GERD?

  11. SonyaOutThere2020

    I’m 15 weeks along, but my fasting blood sugar is already over 95, while my blood sugars after each meal is normal (well below 140).

    I need help. I’m not even 1/2 way through the pregnancy.

  12. Irina Luchian

    Hi, I'm struggling with high fasting blood sugar and I have two issues: 1. I can only sleep 3-4h a night. If i wake up at 3am, I can't fall back to sleep. The less I sleep, the higher my morning fadting sugar. 2. I was diagnosed this week with an incompetent cervix and ordered complete bed rest. Lack of movement doesn't help. Any advice for pregnant women in my situation? Thank you very much 🙂

  13. Sara Martin

    I am not having a hard time with blood sugar being high, I'm having a hard time getting it to stay up. Soooooo stressful and confusing

  14. shamsa waheed

    Plz make pictorial presentation.not much time to listen u

  15. Barbara Fierro

    Are you trying to get rid of Diabetes disease, worry no more because Dr Igudia on YouTube has the permanent cure for Diabetes through his effective herbal medicine, I was cured completely using his herbal products.

  16. Alihasan Ali

    I want to take this time out to thank Dr Igudia on YouTube for the herbs medication I ordered from him in curing my Diabetes disease

  17. brittany smith

    Hi ma’am. Thank you so much for sharing! I’m currently 30 weeks pregnant and feel like I’ve tried every trick in the book to get my fasting down 😞 exercising after dinner, cinnamon in my tea, snacking on protein only at night, ice cream and peanut butter at night (bad idea for me). I did gain some good nuggets from your video. I havnt been counting my carbs throughout my meal. My after meal numbers are always low so I probably haven’t been sticking to the 90-120 carb a day. And I will give the apple cider trick a try! Just ordered some apple cider supplements so I’m hopeful it’ll work. If not…medication or insulin may be in my future. My question is, how many failed attempts do I get before being put on meds/insulin? My fasting numbers have been going up and down for 2 weeks so far…sometimes in the low 90’s sometimes in the highs. My target is 95.

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