FULL Dance Workout Birthday Special / Dance fitness / Home Workout / No Equipment

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🎊🎁 If you like my Birthday Special Dance workout for you, then feel free to
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It’s my Birthday and I want to celebrate this special day with you!
Let us dance and laugh together ❤

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  1. גלית בן שלום

    dear Sulu i love your dance workouts!! espcaily this one.. i have done it manybtimes already and every btime i enjoy it again!! i also do your other classes. I love the songs you choose, your coriagrphes and your happy enrgy! thank you for sharing your gift with us!! Looking forward to more long classes like this one.. 30-40 minuts.. the best way to have cardio work and enjoy at the same time.. regards from Israel😍

  2. Nora Siba

    Excelente clase la musica super y tu simpatia me encanta!Te saludo desde Argentina!🙋👏👏👏❤️❤️

  3. Techy Mendoza

    Buenas tarde Señores , quiero agradecer que comparta su música con nosotros O los usuarios de Fb , realmente ,me encanta , cambió mi vida con su alegría , su sonrisa y su manera fácil de repetir, hoy dia .miraba en la televisión. YouTube y por supuesto quise bailar con el profesor ,y también compartir en fb ..pero no sabía que había que pedir una licencia para compartir.
    Mil disculpas no fue intencional, mi único propósito era hacer que lo conocieran mas .
    Y lo disfruten cómo yo cada día . Gracias por perdonar mi ignorancia , Por supuesto no se volverá a repetir, queda de Uds., su admiradora número 1 ,

  4. Iryna Avcu

    With your classes time flies by so quickly) 20 min workout is no longer enough🤗 thanks for this video♥️

  5. Nora Siba

    Excelente clase y musica super!!Desde Argentina te saludo!!👏👏👏👏💕💕

  6. veganrunner- est2021

    That was awesome: I'm going to get my local Zumba instructor to incorporate the Jason Duluro track into her track list. Thank you x

  7. elvis elvis

    the best. thankssssssssssssss❤

  8. zumba mina

    I working out 3 h in day. 1h,30m at the morning and 1h,30m at the afternoon.💪

  9. Surrender

    I LOVE your dance workouts! Thank you for bringing all the world here <3

  10. Танчики бананьчики


  11. sander cools

    Great workout. Thank you for the energy

  12. Delia Socha

    I love your class! I am subscribed and look forward to more!

  13. pnora659 Paley

    Good morning, I just want to say that you are a very good instructor you make me smile….. when i'm taking your classes i enjoy it.Have a lovely day :}

  14. UCF Mum

    New subscriber here, i love your channel and the workouts are so much fun and the music is phenomenal 👍🏻👍🏻. Thank you for sharing 👏🏻Stay safe healthy and happy 😃 ✝️🇺🇸

  15. Kath Parkinson

    Those hips .your energy.love your workout’s,I have not got much rhythm.but I try,so much fun love the music so up beat thanks for the workouts xxx

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