FreeStyle Optium Neo – Testing your blood glucose

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Arms-on with the Freestyle Libre – and how it has improved my life.
A full demonstration including how to apply and remove the NFC sensor. For more information see:


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  1. Murphy Gerber

    I just found this as I'm researching diabetic tools whilst being diagnosed with T2 at a rather young age of 25 due to my family consisting of a lot of diabetics and it being genetic according to the doctors. Thank you for this review!

  2. Jane White

    I used to think twice before finger stick test and wished that we should have such a device which could give us readings without pricking the finger and Abbott has made it easy by launching Libre sensor. There is only one lack point in Libre is you have to scan it every time to get the readings. To avoid scanning I started using Blucon on top of my Libre sensor which transmits readings to their phone app every 5 minutes and readings with HI and LO value without scanning the sensor. Now it has become more easy to manage the T1D easily. Also, my 5 caregivers can follow my readings remotely.

  3. Flora Dean

    Nice video, I diagnosed with T1 and use the FreeStyle Libre sensor with Blucon transmitter, I track blood glucose readings on watch and phone constantly and the phone beeps at night when the glucose is out of range.

  4. taranisw

    Hi, I have a cassette tape user question (yes, it's related) : Freestyle sensors user since a few years (I was skeptical at first but you're the one who convinced me) I was considering buying a demagnetizer wand to demagnetize my deck heads but I read they were not recommended for pacemaker users, so I imagine they're not very good for our Freestyle sensors. Did you have any issues in your use of them together, or do you wait the sensor is finished, then demagnetize heads, then put a new sensor ?
    Thanks 🙂

  5. wolve dancer

    How high does the monitor read for

  6. Kenny the dragon

    I am using this same system. Works with the nfc on my phone and their android app

  7. timbient

    Hi @techmoan, I follow your channel as we have similar interests (tape, cassettes, MiniDisc etc). I'm also type 1 diabetic and I'm curious as to whether you are still using FreeStyle Libre and if you now use a third party product such as the MiaoMiao to make it work like a proper CGM? Many thanks, Tim

  8. David smooth

    There is no comparison of Libre sensor but a diabetic should need another device to get alarms and readings without scanning the sensor. My endo as well as my wife wanted to follow my readings which Libre alone could not do so I started using Nightrider a CGM device manufactured by Ambrosia.

  9. Andrew John

    Absolutely correct. No more finger pricing with Libre sensor but you can share your readings with only one loved one. My mom and my girlfriend also my endo wanted to follow my readings which was not possible with Libre sensor alone. Somebody in my office suggested me to use Blucon of Ambrosia company, USA as there device give automatic readings without scanning the sensor also I can share my readings with 5 caregivers. I'm very happy with the device as monitoring my BS is more easy also my caregivers are relaxed.

  10. Karen Shaw

    Appreciate your video.
    I'm using Ambrosia's NightRider Blucon with Freestyle libre sensor and it's surprising how it gives me the readings on my mobile app without scanning. Moreover, it connects with my Apple watch directly whenever I go out for a run.

  11. Pizza Gate

    Got approved for mine today very excited now after watching this video

  12. Mia jones

    With ambrosia nightrider Blucon you dont have to scan everytime to see the reading it keeps displaying every 5 minutes readings over your mobile screen /smartwatch. Its a smart CGM

  13. Joseph.

    I wonder if you've ever tried the app, or you just prefer the separate reader?

  14. Joseph.

    I think people might not realize that, as expensive as these are, it's actualy quite cheap for how many tests it does.

  15. Jade Keating King

    Im diabetic and I prick my finger all the time and I would rather do that cause one time I got this scencor and after about 2 days it became so sore I could not take it anymore. I cried for several hours until my perents got fed up hearing me cry. So they took it out. After that they tried it in the other arm. After 2 days it happend again I cried in pain for 2 hours and I couldnt move my arm. So I vowed never to get another scencor again. I still have a scar on my arm. Im probably the bravest person who takes the finger prick without it bothering me.

  16. burlhorse

    will the nhs pay for this?-because the sticky pads cost about i heard that the readings are not as accurate as strips

  17. Mohit Bansal

    I diagnosed with type 2 about one year ago then my doctor suggested me to use Freestyle Libre sensor and Ambrosia Blucon device for check glucose values on phone as well as watch. Now, I am able to share my glucose values with my loved ones and doctor as well through Ambrosia FollowBluCon app.

  18. Richa Kamra

    Nice video, I am using Abbott's FreeStyle Libre with Ambrosia's blucon and can get my glucose readings on my apple watch even without the phone. I can share readings with upto 5 people in almost real-time. Can get alarms and my loved one can also get an alarm if my glucose is out of range.

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