Free Indoor Cycling Workout Video – Interval Cardo Training on an Exercise Bike

Free Indoor Cycling Workout Video – Interval Cardo Training on an Exercise Bike
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Which Type of Exercise Bike is best for you? Compare spin, upright, & recumbent cycles

Australian comparison of upright exercise bikes, spin bikes, and recumbent bikes. See the differences between them. Further reviews of exercise bikes and other fitness equipment are online in Australia at

This is a great Exercise Bike Buyer’s Guide!
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  1. Carolyn Stockton

    Feels great, it’s been a while but could you do another workout like this one?


    Can you do a full seated workout because of my bike and back issues I can't stand..


    More bike workouts please 👍

  4. Gemma Hall

    Love this and love Fitness Blender! Any plans to do more indoor cycling workouts?

  5. Kaitlyn Krahn

    Would love more cycling workouts!!


    What do you think is the best time of day for indoor biking at home?I'm a full time home student with special needs.

  7. VirgoLady5790

    I never knew you could turn a bike into a stationary bike like that. How do you do that? I could never buy exercise equipment bc one I can’t lift it and two I couldn’t put it together and three I don’t have the room for a big treadmill. How do you turn a bike into a stationary like in this video??

  8. Crows Cry

    how is that thing,the wheel is on? called

  9. helen mcneil

    Hi Daniel and Kellie, I really enjoy all your workouts – I would really appreciate some more using the stationary bike. A great way to mix up the training. I particularly like that this video can be used for any equipment. Thank you!

  10. Balvi Gar

    Day 1. Love this workout. I got one of these stationery bike contraption as a gift. I did not locate this on fitnessblender I found your work by accident and I'm one of your biggest fans ; )

  11. Jessica Kramer

    Great video!! Please do more of these indoor cycling workouts!

  12. tryin2mov2wardslight

    Hi.can there be a workout with spin by Kelly if possible to please. It is easier to relate with her.

  13. Brandy Sunset

    Please please please make a new one!

  14. Karly Wilcox

    Please do some more bike workouts! 🙂 a 30 min one would be awesome!!

  15. Asa Charles Stricker


  16. eveline broekhoff

    What is the point of a recumbent bike?

  17. labranjames

    Someone please tell me what he said at 0:58? what muscles are involved for both type of bikes?

  18. Sheema Musadi

    Good explanation. Thanks for sharing this info/video.

  19. Sukanya Chauhan

    I saw these bikes but couldn't figure out why I was more inclined towards spin bike but this video answered it. I went to gym and that's where I used and loved the feel.

    I need to buy one but can't decide which one.
    I need something where I can ride even in standing position.
    Also, confused about price and brands. There are so many options and many don't even quote the prices online. I was getting call from reseller but I don't not trust them. Any suggestion?

  20. Rustin Stardust

    I didn't know there was such a thing as an upright stationary bike – glad I watched this!

  21. Paulo Schmitt

    The voice is too low compared to the music. Anyway, thank you for sharing information.

  22. Tabitha

    I just got a spin bike, and I'm thinking I need to switch to an upright because I can't stay bent over like the spin bike requires. Can I sit upright while still holding the handles on an upright bike?

  23. Shantel Fullerton

    I heard 'Unflexal' guides are the best for workouts

  24. C Catalano

    What really bewilders me is that the ONLY exercise bike company I know of that manufactures "hybrid" bikes — bikes that are in-between being upright and recumbent and that have wide seats and backrests — is Matrix. I absolutely LOVE Matrix's hybrid bikes and would really like to buy one for my home but they're quite expensive. Hopefully someday other exercise bike manufacturers will begin offering such hybrid bikes but at a lower price-point for people who want the comfort of a recumbent bike with the more upright seating position of an upright.

  25. G M

    Which ones better for legs?? And for sports like football?

  26. Austin101123

    You forgot about regular bike + rollers or trainer

  27. sdndpp

    Great explanations – this is true value for those who are undecided if they are not sure which bike to buy – this is why your type of video is great
    Much better way to add value to lives

  28. Rohit Chodankar

    Which is better if ur having back pain ?

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