Fix Your ATHLETE'S FOOT for good!

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With simple products out of our home, you can now fix that athlete’s foot issue that has been bugging you for a long time.

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In this video Dr Heather van der Geest of Divine Elements and CJ of Foot Solutions in Kitsilano discuss natural treatment options for fungal nails and athlete’s foot. Have issues with fungal infections of the feet, here are six tips to get you healthy, naturally:

1. Change your Shoes Daily
2. Change Socks daily, if not twice daily
3. Dry between your toes
4. Use hot and cold foot baths for improved circulation and toxin release (add 2 to 3 drops of tea tree oil to a gallon of water for added benefit)
5. Wear open toed shoes (i.e. sandals)
6. Watch your diet (cut out wheat and simple sugars, anything that can raise your blood sugar levels)

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The content seen in this video is provided only for educational purposes and is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.

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  1. Twistedmetalkeys

    So let me ask you do you do the soak after you get out the shower or before you shower? And do you wash your feet once you’re done soaking ? Also can I lotion my feet once I’m done soaking ? Should you only wear socks when not home??? I ask because I heard you want to keep your feet exposed for as long as possible to help keep them cool

  2. Shiva Shankara

    Make sure it's not Johnson and Johnson baby powder it causes cancer

  3. Isaac Perez

    Try table salt paste or sea salt between toes while wearing socks. Should see results immediately after days work

  4. Arnab Goswami

    This stings like anything!!!😭😭

  5. Dianne

    A question ???
    Can you please tell me HOW LONG do I stay on the vinegar treatment. .??? I have to wear special shoes as I have a foot problem. Theyre closed in . . Do I "ALWAYS " have to use the powder?

  6. MC14 m

    Vinegar, and apple cider vinegar, also cures sweat blisters. When I worked in the food service industry fats and oils would block the sweat blisters in my hands in between my fingers and cause severe itching. The only thing that cured it was soaking my hands and washing my hands in vinegar. I would scratch your open up the blisters which caused a lot of stinging but the stinging went away momentarily, and so did the blisters.

  7. williams whelan jones

    Hello Guys , I did a mixture of some med and its works. its like a shampoo. Inbox me if you need more details.

  8. Yoduh1

    Take a paper clip, uncurl it, and then stretch it out so that one end of it forms a small hook. Then hold onto it firmly and use the hooked part of it to poke and scratch on the inner walls between your toes. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you’ll puncture your skin. Feels incredible. You can bend the part you’re holding onto so that it doesn’t keep wiggling and rolling around in your hand. You want a firm grip over the paper clip so you can drag it on your skin and apply pressure.

    The hooked part is like a targeted scratch that really lets you pinpoint dig into the itchiest parts of your toes, as opposed to just using your nails, which feel more like just a blunt instrument. Trust me! It’ll be the best scratch you’ve ever had in your life!

  9. King Dre

    Pour a shitload of apv, whole bottle from Walmart dillute with water for smell etc and this shit will smack athletes foot asap. Its actually diff!

  10. Bon Bon Bunni

    I hope this works Doc. I will try this tomorrow after work 😭 my athletes foot is getting worse each day. Since at work my feet sweat a lot and I wear the same shoes to work all the time so I feel like that’s where my problem is and I don’t really dry my feet when I get out the shower either so I’m told ur supposed to even between ur toes to prevent any fungus and other stuff

  11. michael flores

    Suffering from athletes foot for over 30 years. My wife has been telling me for years to try apple cider vinegar but I just brushed it off. Finally gave up and trued it. I soaked my feet twice a day for 10 days and it was gone. Came back few months later probably because I didn’t throw out my shoes. I was lazy and suffered for another year before I would soak them again. Its been a little over 20 days and its pretty much gone. Im going to throw out all my shoes and boots and start fresh. I think I will soak once a week for preventative maintenance. My feet were so raw from itching the skin would peel right off. Cuts and bleeding. Glad thats over with. Don’t procrastinate just do it it does work

  12. laptop droptop

    I’m assuming I can use this same mixture to clean my socks correct? Any other tips fir cleaning athletes foot socks?

  13. Rozen grace

    Can I just put plain vinegar and not apple cider vinegar?

  14. Torpedo Ali

    Seems good. I have Althlete Foot for maybe 10+ years, I don't even remember clearly how long. It is just an estimation.

    I have been using doctor's prescribed cream for 6-7 months. During this time, I have also used another cream for some time. One of the foot healed, other just having a bit problem building skin.

  15. Matt Pina

    I caught athlete's foot from a Sauna almost 10 years ago. I'm going to try this routine and I'll keep you all updated 😎🥳

  16. Shorty Williams

    Depends on how bad you’re itching but I pour Clorox on mine wait 20 seconds then turn shower on. Next morning feet are healed. But you gotta be a man to do it cause it burns the hell out of you. But my feet are soft afterwards

  17. zjkingsley7

    Cold water does not remove “toxins” from the body. This is complete pseudoscience.

  18. Ally Grabotin

    I am a 69 year old women, I have had food fungus for 7 years. I have also had a kidney transplant. I have not been able to get rid of my foot fungus. I am getting very desperate on how to get rid of my foot fungus. With my anti- rejection medications

  19. Lila T

    Thanks for the video! I have battled athlete's foot for years, using the sprays, drying between my toes, etc.. My big toe nails now for the past several years have had this weird issue, like they won't grow! And they also have a bit of yellowing/thickening towards the cutting end of the nail.. Not sure if this is ingrown or mild fungal infection, but I do EVERYTHING right, switch shoes every other day, wear cotton socks, the only shoes I wear are breathable sneakers for work, and I even have them very loose, and when I get home, I immediately remove socks and shoes, dry brush my body (lymphatic system) before showering. Using all sorts of remedies, foot soak with epsom salt and tea tree oil. But my big toe nails just won't grow at all! It's been a few months at LEAST since before November. Not really any pain, just some mild tenderness if I use my dance slippers during exercise. Now just doing the dancercise barefoot. All the other toenails grow just fine, (slow, but that's normal) but these dang big toes will not grow, so I don't know how I'm supposed to grow them out??

  20. ivan hinds


  21. Reyaz Yousofi

    Use hair dryer after shower to dry feet n toes

  22. Gabriel Ojoh

    Hello, I just watched and subscribe. I think in between my toes has an infection, please what oil did you recommend in the video or is there any foot cream you can recommend.

  23. marc calderon

    Anyway you know how to help my toes they hurt in certain places and the nails always hurt like they could possibly fall off I always get blisters but I can deals with that more I play basketball and I think some of my shoes might be too tight

  24. Isaac Perez

    Try table salt paste or sea salt between toes while wearing socks. Should see results immediately after a days work

  25. * { Sunny } *

    My foot got hurt at a beach 😭

  26. Isaac R

    Very sorry. Your advice doesn’t helps at all

  27. Eliakim ben Ishchayil

    So a plant based diet causes more infection.

  28. Abdi Muheba

    I have discovered herbal tien pedal fungus medicine most effective but i want develop modern medicine please help me

  29. Jalean The queen

    I’m 12 and my left foot is always itchy I have 2-3cuts on my toes what could I do to help it

  30. williams whelan jones

    Hello Guys , I did a mixture of some med and its works. its like a shampoo. Inbox me if you need more details.

  31. Youssef KH

    I did put Bitcoin on it and it helped so much thanks nakamoto for your help this helped me so much, the right ratio is 1.5 BTC per toenail! That's it.

  32. Lelieth Taylor

    I have a sore between my toe it's eal sometimes and and then broke out

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