Fitness Trainer GAINS 56 Pounds in 4 MONTHS – Fit to Fat to Fit (S1, E5) | Full Episode | Lifetime

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Corey is a young and ambitious personal trainer who loves to push his clients to their limits. Raela is a preacher’s daughter and a homebody who is trying to love herself enough to get fit in Season 1, Episode 5, “Corey/Raela.” #FitToFatToFit
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“Fit to Fat to Fit” follows personal fitness trainers from across the country as they undertake the most extreme weight-loss experiment ever: forcing themselves to gain weight to better understand the struggles of their obese clients as they lose the weight together.”

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  1. Eli

    The one thing this show is lacking is the fact that the these trainers have only been fat for four months comparing themselves to someone who has been like this their whole lives.

  2. Civil rights matter Forever

    He looks good 25 lbs heavier😎

  3. RobWood

    This Was A Joy To Watch. Congratulations To The Trainer For Wearing The Shoes Of The Trainee. Super Congratulations To The Trainee For Remaining Consistent. Keep Soaring! ManyBlessings!💯🙌💪🏽💯🙌

  4. Lady Lyrics

    “we made each other better” – corey
    “i am a better woman because of you” – reyla
    ….♥️👀♥️ i’m sorry but, i think he just trained w. his wife 💍 esp. their chemistry @ the very end w. the tires ☺️ and he was DEF checkin’ her out at her big reveal (respectfully)! 😍 (maybe i’m reading too much into it but idkkkkk 🙃😍🥳)

  5. smartman 2796

    Can I get fit so I can get fat again?

  6. Loveapples

    I love Corey he really did so much and honestly learned a lot about himself as well..such a great person and trainer

  7. dragon0361

    How come they skin dont stay stretches out like those other videos

  8. MelanconiaSol

    I'm changing my diet today!! No more Oreos 😬

  9. Helen Wilson

    You made me feel better so I’m getting ready to start my journey and I will be watching you👋🏽

  10. Bank Ops

    All i got outta this so far is that the food in atlanta looks so good lol

  11. Eric Haddad

    What is the diet they eat for those 4 months ?

  12. Brian Kirk

    Be fat for 4 YEARS and then try to lose it

  13. Mr. Clean

    Wow his voice even changed a bit

  14. VideoGameCollector

    Bro the clapping was getting me mad…lol

  15. Captain Shimmer

    It’s 2022 and people still don’t understand that you don’t need to workout to lose weight all of this is unnecessary just eat correctly you can still enjoy meat cheese fruits vegetables just stop eating sugar, flour and food with chemicals it’s not rocket science

  16. Timothy Lovett

    ugh, I have to get up at 7:30am tomorrow! lol

  17. Mrbodysculptor

    I've done this many times over. I would love to be a part of this

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