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  1. Bald cat reviews

    I've been slim and morbidly obese, I was harrassed more when I was slim. She was just jealous of your physique I bet. When I was a little boy I went to underground atlanta with my mother and saw a woman in a restaurant with a fishnet top that showed everything. It was shocking but pleasant.

  2. JM

    100 & 200km! Huge 💪 also, hatters always hate 🤷‍♂️🥳

  3. Chris Jennings

    Very well handled, you two. Karen ended up looking like a frumpy old misery guts 😄

  4. Sam Conduct

    The jealousy was strong with that one.

  5. Troy

    Stereotyping people as Karens is an insult to women named Karens who haven't done or said anything wrong.

  6. IndoAussie

    Absolutely nothing wrong with the way you’re dressed … god we’re sick of Karen’s aren’t we ? You were both more polite than I would have been …

  7. Raleigh Kellyc

    Hey u are super georgous big girl Karen is just jealous not ur fault if she looks like a rihno

  8. Dancers Anonymous

    Geez that woman would die in Europe when she takes her family to the beach and there's nude people everywhere or gof forbid she went to the sauna . Families shouldn't be the ones to cover up in front of. Families and most importantly children should be comfortable with the female body (birth and breastfeeding etc). She's doing Families and women a great disservice by shaming women about their bodies being visible. How is someone going to breastfeed their baby with that attitude?

  9. Pepe The Frog

    She would really be appalled at topless beaches in Spain with kids running around – she was obviously jealous of Natashas body

  10. P C

    ‘There’s a wild Karen’ ha ha love it

  11. 123

    Woman wears bikini on beach in summer. Wow. SO offensive.

  12. Marc H

    It's pretty lame! Can you imagine just how beautiful Karen was in her prime? Rockin HOT!!!

  13. Lake Ozark REI

    I would've told that lady that her fat, out of shape body was setting a bad example for the kids… they'll think eating like a glutton is perfectly OK!


    I certainly object to Fat Karen wearing a G-String !! She may explain to her young Daughters that
    G-Strings are for Fit-Sexy-Woman who look like Natasha and that the young Girls should strive
    and focus in life not to be a Fat slob !!!!!!!! Being Fit & Healthy typically extends Ur Life.
    Karen may consider getting a Pool at Home. This way she can control who wears what

  15. Stu Bonner

    Austrian beach? Quite common swim wear, topless is not usual and nobody pays much attention.

  16. paul Grishaver

    You should have grabbed a cheek in each hand and answered her like Jim Carrey in Pet Detective….
    'Excuse me, do you have a mint?"

  17. Train's a'comin'

    50/50 Physical fitness is awesome/necessary. Modesty has its place.

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