First immune-evading cells created to treat type 1 diabetes

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Salk Institute scientists have made a major advance in the pursuit of a safe and effective treatment for type 1 diabetes, an illness that impacts an estimated 1.6 million Americans with a cost of .4 billion annually.
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  2. Vincent Wiese

    Ronald Evans is a liar he just wants grant money to pocket for himself. He is a fraud.

  3. Vincent Wiese

    People this is a bullshit bold face lie from the Salk Institute just trying to get more grant and donation money.

  4. Rebecca Shanklyn

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  5. um Mohamed

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  6. Martin Pampalone

    Denis Vashurin first human inmortality their gene are the key

  7. Alvalos Franklin

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  8. TreeFort

    Please do update/inform us of any clinical human trials.. and thank you in advance!

  9. jose andy

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  12. praba

    Please dont make treatment costly. Think about the poor people.

  13. Myron

    when will it be availible for people around the globe?

  14. chiengkuoy garrnyeai

    A great move indeed. Make it happen please.

  15. gn deepa

    When this would be available for patients

  16. Mphoza Mahamba yedwa

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    How can I reach you?

  18. ChrisCDXX

    Hi, is there a form to fill out to be considered for the human trials? I will sign any waiver.

  19. Schmuel Schperling

    Very good. I would like to add a Hebrew translation but the video isn't open to "community contribution".

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