1. MassGainingGuy

    So what's the story behind this? What started it?

  2. Michael

    That dude would’ve fucking snapped that toothpick in half 😂 he barely touched him and that skinny little guy went flying

  3. The Shade Starts NOW

    He’s been waiting forever to use them muscles on somebody 😅

  4. Diego Guadarrama

    This is in Michigan 100 percent

  5. Will Pz

    Needed tighter superman shirt for proper intimidation factor

  6. Know Body

    Key word is respect and LA Fitness fails in creating an environment where people can work out in peace

  7. David Perry

    I would’ve told him to please put it back. I wouldn’t fight in a gym because I could get an assault charge or my membership terminated.

  8. Jorge Vazquez

    So you wanna tell us what happen and not leave it like this lol

  9. Roberto caires

    Just let him have the plate
    Dude is risking to go to jail for assault

  10. Christian Beevers

    This sucks why do you quit filming 10 seconds really we want more please we want more! LOL

  11. Zed One

    The guy only has 4 plates on each side…. not 20 so why he touching it

  12. D A

    Why is he taking off his weights I would be mad too

  13. Mike grazio

    another d bag with superman shirt

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