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Type 2 Diabetes can be a challenging diagnosis to hear when it comes to your cat, but we’re here today to explain how you can manage it! – Lucy the Cat

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  1. shanna anderson

    What if you just can’t afford the unexpected bills a diabetes diagnosis requires? Am I an awful pet owner if i relinquish my cat because I can’t do the treatments?

  2. Chari Bandara

    There are lot of ants coming to places where my cat peed. she has loss weight eating more and more. Can t i give a little dose of metformin? As we are in quarantine we can't go out atleast month to meet vetnarian

  3. -_

    First of all, you're a bad ass. SECOND OF ALL…… Am I hearing From a Mountain in the Middle of the Cabins in the background….. YOU ARE MY ICON!!!!!!

  4. Max Noise

    8.08 😂😂😂 brilliant bit 😂😂😂 Great video x

  5. germanylicious

    What do you do if they get ketones? How do you treat them? Are they always a result of too little insulin??

  6. Christine Alves

    How did you know when Lucy was in remission ??

  7. graytartlet

    I’ve read human that human glucose meters aren’t calibrated to measure blood accurately in cats. Is it really ok the use a human one like stated in the video? Why?

  8. Dr. Gordon Barrows

    Very informative video, especially about vetsulin and diabetic remission! That pancreas looks super professional. Lucy is in good hands!!

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