Favorite Insertion Sites! (Insulin pump, shots, and CGM)

Favorite Insertion Sites! (Insulin pump, shots, and CGM)
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Favorite Insertion Sites! (Insulin pump, shots, and CGM)

The lighting is really bad in this video. Makes my neck look translucent. But hey, here it is anyway! Enjoy!

I talk about my favorite spots to put injections, pump infusion sets, and Dexcom CGM sensors!

Dexcom Arm Insertion Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SPaAv4r0ijY&list=UUPzvf_zSsExm2JMvzUizXqQ

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  1. Janis Nielson

    I will forever thank and recommend Dr IGUDIA on YouTube who cured my type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medication

  2. Terri Hugh

    If you use your butt or hips, how do you disconnect for showers?

  3. David Harper

    1- Lantus leg, tummy as well.Considering a insulin pump, appears to be too much work to handle, SOS !

  4. KVN1011_kelvin Hawkins

    I got diagnosed with covid 4 months back,after that I got diagnosed as diabetic my hba1c is 10.5,but dr udoka on YouTube cured me

  5. Flora Dean

    Thanks for the info. I use Blucon device and freestyle Libre sensor on back of my arm to check my diabetes. Also, I share my blood glucose values with my doctor through Ambrosia Followblucon app which really helps me alot when my glucose values goes out of range.

  6. Sarah Hatfield

    So I haven't tried it yet but when I was at diabetes camp lots of the girls put pump sets in their breast tissue. Does anyone know if a sensor would work there? I feel like the tubing from a pump set would pull. So far with my sensor when I fall asleep no matter where I put it I get disconnected. I believe that is because of pressure but I roll around while sleeping so I haven't found an appropriate site yet.

  7. Maria Dian Therese

    Dear Danica, No apologies necessary! You have a generous spirit and a positive attitude. If there is any advice you could give to a certain young person in my life about how you stay positive, I would gladly provide you w. my contact information. This pt. has had this condition for 11 years. My question is, how do you stay positive?

  8. Amanda McAllister

    I know this video was a long time ago however I just stumbled upon it and I need to say thank you. My son was recently diagnosed at the age of 4. We struggle with finding places for his dexcom and we should get a pump soon. Your real life experience helps a lot. thank you!

  9. Angie Graham

    For my pump I've used my belly and my arms. I really like my arms. I feel it works alot better. The only downside is I have a short tubing so I have to d/c if I go potty or i just wear it in my bra. I haven't tried my legs yet. I will when I start wearing shorts when it gets warmer. I'm nervous to wear it there when I'm wearing my pants. I've tried my lower back but it seems I rip them out when I sleep. I wear my dexcom on the back of my arms and my tummy. I was giving my tummy a break because of wearing my pump there all the time but my arms are getting sore so next change will go back to my tummy or my legs. I've tried my forearm but I guess I have too much muscle and it hurt really bad.

  10. The Ancient One

    What can you do with the pump when you are having sex and please don't take this the wrong way

  11. Ryan

    "This thing hurtsz," 🙂 Chuckles…Not laughing at your pain. Living with MDI and don't think infusion sites will work for me. Thanks for the info.

  12. Sparki

    Danica, Do you ever get your canula bent when you put the infusion set on your back side?? I do and it limits me to where I can put it, since I have so much scar tissue,

  13. Dimitrios Hantgos

    I have had an insulin pump for over 12-14 years and have been Type 1 Diabetic for 42 years, and I am 43 years old (since 1977). I used the abdomen for the insulin pump for years. Basically switching from one side to the other side of my abdomen, every time I changed supplies. I decided to take a brake and use the upper butt. I have to say, I like that area a lot more. The only downside is when I am taking a shower I have to be careful not to get too much water so the adhesive does not come off, where when it is on the front of your body, if your back is towards the shower water, it won't get a lot. I may try the top of my leg. Only difference is since I am a guy, I may have to shave that area that I will put the infusion set, if it is my leg.

  14. Annette Send

    I am so glad to know I am not the only one who has struggled with spots for my insulin pump… when I call customer service they always act like I am the first person to ever have an issue. SO FRUSTRATING!!! Love your videos!

  15. Jacklyn St.Julien

    Thanks Danica! I've been a Type 1 diabetic 37 yrs. I use & love my CGM-Dex & still using a 530G pump (upgrading soon). I love the Dex and use back of arm. Pump sites:below ribs, sides & 2" from belly button. Butt cheeks & tummy bleed. I'm skinny, low on fat. Running out of site areas. Any day the cure will be here, right?

  16. Carol Pearson

    CGM: upper arms, mostly, but twice the thighs. Pump: sides (between rib cage and hip bone) and back, but may try the arms soon. I can't use the front of my abdomen because the sets and sensors always fall off early. I think it's because I have a lot of scar tissue in my abdomen and calves and forearms since those were my usual shot spots, and I used MDI for nearly 30 years.

  17. sarah k

    I hate these experiences. The accidently in a vein or scar tissue. Happens way too often.

  18. Donna B

    I'm considering dexcom cgm. What is an angle set? I'm a newbie.

  19. NillyHilly

    I have a pump at the moment and I'm 14 but my favourite spot is my hips but they have started to dip in so I can't use them anymore so I'm super annoyed :


    Why is there only one option? I had difficulty with the one sent with my pump and had to begin using the old one. I don't always have the strength needed to change it out. I think there should be more than one choice.

  21. texanfournow

    I have the t:slim X2. Love the pump, hate the case–hard plastic, difficult to remove, and falls off my belt constantly.

    You would think that when charging $8,000 (retail), Tandem could devote a little effort to designing a good case that is easy to use and does not fall off.

    Recently, I bought a Type 1 Tactical case made of carbon fiber. A bit pricey but it will not fall off!

  22. lilsdon

    To be honest, the cost of these pumps, these should be given for free.

  23. Joan Cordy

    Hate these clips, but the other one is SOLD OUT??? frustrating!

  24. Margaret Belcher Rudd

    Seeing lots of testimonies about this Dr Igudia on YouTube for permanent eradication to Diabetes disease not until i had to give it a try and my health was restored back to normal thanks Dr Igudia

  25. Madi Stoker

    With all the complaints about the clip, why hasn't it been modified or redesigned? I got my pump a year ago and have fought the clip constantly. It falls off my jeans and pulls the infusion set off and then hits the ground. As costly as the infusion sets are, it's really frustrating and discouraging to have one pulled out because the pump fell off due to the poor design of the clip.

  26. Ben Gerardo

    Hi Melissa, You wrote that review a year ago. I’m thinking about a getting a Tandem pump dependable clip. Why does this problem still exist? I know my last pump clip for the Medtronic 670g had a similar problem I read you can buy a removable adhesive clip you can buy at a hardware store. There should be a prize for the best removable tandem t clip design. A practical /functional clip design calls for a solution. I’m thinking about it. Any ideas?

  27. lloyd holt

    I’ve had Medtronic pumps for over fifteen years. I broke so many of the belt clips that I was ordering them three at a time. I finally gave up on them and bought one of their leather cases and just put my pump in my front pocket. I was at my diabetes educators office this week and got a sneak peak at the tandem TSlim x2 pump and was impressed enough to give the thumbs up to purchase one with the dexcom CGS system. I looked at this case and my first reaction was if I purchased one Of these cases I would remove the worthless clip and throw it away, Then add a screen protector to the pump and place the pump in my front pocket. Been doing it this way for lots of years. Clip,as designed, will result in a dangling pump or a disconnect and dropped pump. I agree the clip should be redesigned to fit a mans or women’s belt sizes with a more secure attachment.
    Perhaps a little product testing by folks who use a pump would be in order. Just an old mans thoughts. Not trying to offend anyone. I’m sorry if I have.

  28. princesslahoma

    THANK YOU!!!
    I Finally was able to pop the clip off & change the direction on the Tslim case. 🎊🥳🎉

  29. Barb Guillory

    Thanks so much! I have been wanting to change the direction of my pump for quite a while now!!

  30. BokiXI

    Next time please consult the end users (us) before going to a designer. The clip is a total failure.

  31. Hans Mekenkamp

    Can you add also a cord? At nights I need to go to the bathroom. Then you can hang the pump around the neck.

  32. Jodi Doran

    I see I'm not the only one unhappy with the case clip. I have lost 3 infusion sets in 2 weeks. Ripped right out of my body when the case clip did not hold to my waist band. Give us an alternative now please!!

  33. Michael Morrison

    Just switched to Tandem after long time disappointment with competitor. Started using the t:slim x2 four days ago along with a CGM – Love it, seriously. But oh my goodness. Who in the world designed the clip for the pump? Even more Seriously!! Absolutely pathetic. The case I have has an even smaller case clip than in this video. The first time I tried to clip this case on my belt, I thought I was doing something wrong until I looked closer. Nope, not a procedural error. I've clipped my previous pump easily onto my belt, I wear one every day, thousands of times. I'm still shaking my head. The smaller, closer to the case clip is bent outward away from the case. It's now an issue to even have it in my pocket – And That, keeping it in my pocket from now on, is something I will not do. The accessories page on main website is where I thought I could go to get a larger clip. One to fit a normal size, leather, every day use belt that is 1 1/2 inches wide. To my surprise you only have replacement clips for the one I have now. I do not use dental floss for a belt! Nor does anyone I know. The small clip actually has a groove for a belt that has a width of 5/8 inch. Appears to me that this is designed for a ladies thin belt for wear with a skirt. The "extra rubber grip at the end of the clip to allow for increased resistance to minimize falling off clothing" (description from your website) only causes damage to the belt by scuffing it and with extended use will fully damage the belt.

    Completely beside myself with this issue. Huge let down.

  34. Pam Shelly

    Do you have to disconnect the tubing of your insulin pump from your body, to get it in and out of the case?

  35. Melissa Dawn

    Just started this pump. The case/clip is a joke. It's difficult to get onto my jeans, yet constantly falls off. I can't get the clip removed at all to turn it vertical. And who decided it should hang the way it does? You have to remove the pump from your jeans in order to do anything so the screen is upright. Why on earth didn't they have it flipped around the other way so you can read the screen while still having it attached to your jeans? Obviously not one of the designers has to actually use this pump. I will be calling for free replacements every single time this thing falls off and rips the tubing out.

  36. david bradford

    I hate the holster for tslim x2 clip came out and pump fell off and almost ripped cannula out

  37. Linda Frischmeyer

    The metal clip is TERRIBLE. While I LOVE the pump (like another commenter, better than the Medtronic) It falls off my waist often – when bending over, changing clothes, moving from sitting to standing, etc. I put a sticky backed bit of Velcro (softer half) on the back of the metal tab which creates enough friction to address this, but only for however long it stays on, a week is best longevity so far. Anyone found a better option?

  38. Angela Jaleh

    How do you change the cartridge and tubing without removing the pump from the case?

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