Fasting Blood Sugar Levels

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Fasting, as the name suggests, means refraining from eating of drinking any liquids other than water for eight hours. It is used as a test for diabetes.

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  1. Ana Martinez

    I have gestational diabetes and have been checking my fasted glucose after 12 sometimes 13 hours. Every morning has been high between 100-115. The clinic never mentioned I should check after 8 hours fasted, that would’ve been helpful to know.

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  11. Srinu kadere

    12 hours fasting blood glucose level 132 this is correct or no

  12. Emma William

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  15. Izzy millar

    Hi I watched your video and it got me thinking of checking my glucose and it said it's 116? Is that something I should be concerned?

  16. maxine coulson

    I’m having to fast for 15 hours my endocrinologist said I didn’t make it lol

  17. Patrick Victor

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