Family identifies man shot and killed inside San Antonio LA Fitness

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The victim’s sister Kim said her brother did not know the suspect.

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  1. Kayongo Pete

    If they didn't know each other then that's gang stalking ,, federal government silent crimes ,,

  2. Kayongo Pete

    That could be covert harrassment or gang stalking they target and kill innocent people , federal government crimes using black people in stalking and killing other black people

  3. Malcolm Best

    The next anyone march for black lives matter they should all b arrested & jail for 2 years. Its a lie. Black lives dont matter to black people. Only when a white policeman shoot a bkack man. Hypocrisy

  4. Trailer Galaxy

    victim Brandon Marquis Broadnax
    suspect Jessie Marquis MacWilliams

  5. J cool

    He should be still behind bars……..

  6. what if I'm D1

    Happy Heavenly Birthday nephew
    We love you soooooo much.

  7. Michelle D

    Wasn't his son with him? So horrible and unfair!

  8. Brooke Benton

    They need a damn metal detector now!!

  9. ohrworminc

    Did the killer carry his firearm in a gym bag? Do you think having a gym bag rule would have changed the outcome? It’s hard to believe the two didn’t know each other. If they didn’t, it’s as disturbing as it is tragic. Condolences to the bereaved. RIP

  10. Nonametexas

    That negativity is strong there. I wouldn’t go there 🤷🏾‍♂️

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