Eye Stye Home Remedy | How To Get Rid Of A Stye At Home | An Optometrist Guides You

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In this video, Dr. D, an expert in dry eye syndrome, explains several tips on how to get rid of an eye stye with more than one eye stye home remedy as well as in-office treatments available to you. Doctor D is excited to share natural home remedies for stye with you and be sure to check out our videos for blepharitis treatment at home, too! #eyestye #homeremedies #eyecare

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02:24 Eye Stye Treatment
03:19 OTC Eye Stye Home Remedy
05:41 In-Office Eye Stye Treatment Options

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  1. Jyuu Homoracin

    ive been suffering from a stye for about 3 months now will these help me

  2. piki4862

    No tea tree in/on or around the eyes. Never!

  3. piki4862

    Is it coincidence that I developed one less than 24 hours after visiting the optometrist for the first time in over 20 years? Can a face steamer help?

  4. Tammy Slaughter

    I always use Witch Hazel!!!! Does the trick!!!!

  5. Nick Williams

    What is the consequences for poping it its the first time of having one

  6. Angie's World

    I just recently got one out of the no where yesterday last night. Really am trying to be rid of it.

  7. Marshall McClurg

    Question? What is it called when it's on a pig?

  8. Veronica Noriega

    I wash my eyes with baby soap. It’s very gentle.

  9. T W

    If you have a facial diffuser just put a pinch of salt in the water and let the steam penetrate it. I woke up with a stye this morning and it went away in 3 hours. Do it twice until the facial diffuser shuts off. Hot towels cool off in 30 seconds lol don’t nobody got time for that. I came up with this idea today, I kid you not. FYI keep the diffuser a safe distance so you won’t burn yourself.

  10. mikamee

    So frustrated..I never had serious issues with Styes..A month after getting my second Covid shot I got the worst Stye. After my third shot I got two more that were so bad I needed to go on oral antibiotics.

  11. Mei

    It is very painful and I’m trying to get rid of it completely. Is there a way for it to drain w other home remedies? The ones I have used just make my eye more irritated, since my eye is very puffy.

  12. Teresa & Roland

    I'm currently suffering from a stye for 3 weeks now! First I use warm compress the I got pink eye as well so had to treat it as well as the stye! Well pink eye cleared but the stye remains! I'm using a ointment from my Dr which brought it down to half but that's it! What do I do now?

  13. ZZ Berman

    Hi. What alternative meds are their if you’re allergic to the antibiotics?

  14. Romes Raja

    guys I got a solution trust me it works..
    1tbsp vegetable oil
    1/2 tablespoons of garlic paste
    1 bowl of sliced pieces of chicken
    2tbsp of turmeric powder
    And lastly 3tbsp of salt
    Mix them up and put some Sodium dithionite
    Just mix them and apply on your eyes!

  15. Swati Maurya

    I've stye in my upper eyelid….. Doctor consulted me to operate it….and I did it. but my stye is stay in my eyelid 50% now. 😭tell me now how to get rid of this stye….It feels very awkward 😭😭….. I'm very depressed to think about it… please help me

  16. Jerry Fatlips

    A family remedy of mine is onion skin/peels on your eye and lemon juice

  17. Gothiikamua

    Do you have to boil the potato?

  18. Gothiikamua

    My son has had a stye for months and the doctors don’t do much – I think it’s about time he gets steroids because it keeps coming back and on the sale location. It’s frustrating

  19. Miss MoneyPenny

    Johnson and johnson baby shampoo, wash eye 3 x daily, boom, gone.

  20. Aloysius Snuffleupagus

    The raw potato works very well have done this around 4 times and worked every time..

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