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We’re in the business of feet. Sore feet specifically or what some people refer to as “BARKING DOGS.”

We are Chiropody Foot Specialists who see people come into our clinics (The Waterloo Foot Clinic and Royal City Foot Clinic) each day with a variety of foot problems and conditions. We hope to educate you on some of those treatments and services and answer any questions you may have.

Want to know about something specific you’re dealing with? Ask us, the dogs, we are here to help and educate!

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All Videos filmed with the Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II (Black) – https://amzn.to/2D9xSVt

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  1. Meli S

    Holy crap! You might want to whip out the lathe for this situation. This poor lady. The doctor is so patient. For real, though you know this doctor has caught a callus to the eye once or twice. He is positively meticulous about not letting the bits fly in any direction.

  2. Jackie Burris

    How on earth does one get this? Wouldn't soaking help and extreme mositirizing. I'd soak every night and load up with crisco and sock every night …yikes poor thing

  3. Kiyokochanable

    .wouldn't be easier to soak on water the foot..? easier and you can avoid to cut where you're not supposed to.

  4. Елена Дудинова

    Ну а где результат? Такое длинное видео, а в конце не показали какие подошвы стали. Я разочарована…

  5. Елена Дудинова

    Какой ужас! Кожа на пятках настолько огрубела и такая плотная как копыто! Доктор молодец!

  6. Laura Knight

    You should soak 🛁 her feet 🦶 Maybe it would of come off easier. 🤔

  7. Daniel Parker

    This is not a third world country .

  8. ShieAyla

    Is there a reason you didn't soak her feet first? It just seems like it would help. I have, what would be, huge calluses on the ball of my big toe, side of my pinky, and all around my heal. I have peeling or thicker skin on the tips of my toes, around the nails, and the outside edge of my foot. But I sand, and buff, and clip them when needed! Dam.

  9. Andrew James

    I watched this with a bag of mixed cheeses and a pack of beef jerky to sink my teeth into! What a night!

  10. Liliam Rabelo Lemos

    Esse pé deveria ficar de molho numa água quente com emoliente para retirar toda pele grossa. Só depois lixar

  11. Derp Meyer

    That very impressed with the job.

  12. Patricia Zuza

    Deveria passar um emoliente antes. A pele seca e dura não sai direito.

  13. Riba Oliveira

    Tem continuação? Queria vê no final do tratamento

  14. Нина Макарова

    Я не понимаю почему делают на сухую? Почему не размачивают?

  15. stacey arreola

    This is just my opinion not everyone else , but this is what I would do I’d get some hot water not to hot and put some epsom salt in it and let her soak it for an hr then start scraping away it may be a bit painful due to the dryness of the skin idk it’s just me and what I would do .

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