Exercise To Lose Weight FAST || Zumba Class

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  1. Gabriela Hernández

    Muy buenos gracias 😊 bien por la entrenadora ella siempre tan resistente y flexible se ve realmente bella

  2. Priyanka Pandey

    Mai to 10 min hi kr pae😂😂

  3. Krishna Marathe

    Its really nice steps and music, you done it so nicely and gracefully with joy and Passion. Thanks

  4. I started to do the first half of this zumba workout video today (Feb 24, 2022). My goal is to lose my huge belly fat but I wish to maintain my current weight w/c is 50. I don't want to be underweight again.

  5. Sanum Shaiz

    Its really amazing excercise .my body is in shape after this thank u mira 😘😘😘

  6. Neeta Ranyule

    Mam 10 dino se ye exsais kar rahi hu 68 kg wet he mera risalt melaga muje plz riplay 😧😧

  7. megha bishi

    Nice vdo & good exercise ….🙂🙂🙂

  8. Vipin Kumar

    I did for 5.3 minutes and realised that weight lifting is useless in comparison to this..😁

  9. hossein alijani


  10. Praveena Pravee

    Still am doing 2022 February 22.from 2021 September

  11. Adi_ti

    Date: 22 February
    I started doing zumba today. Couldn't complete the whole workout but did it for 20 minutes with in between breaks. Weight : 88.5 kg. I want to lose 15 kgs by June. Let's see now.

  12. Juliet Udani

    I hope this incourages me every day while HK is in very restricted situation and raining couldn't go out to run j,ust to get back on track for my daily exercise

  13. Sadhanar ranna ghar

    I also do this but some some icant

  14. Komal Baloch

    After meal i started this excercise literally after 6 minutes I had too much pain on my belly ufffff please pray for me i complete this excercise one time so my main reason stay fit for bts who army feel like me ?

  15. MWS - Nidhi

    Thanks a lot for amazing workout
    I feel I will be like you all fit and energetic

  16. Mukesh Bhurrak

    I am starting this workout 21 Feb
    My current weight is 48 kg and I want 35 kg…I will update after a month

  17. Jyoti Jugali

    This zumba workout is so energetic and easy to do. I lv it

  18. Haru Sahi

    For the first time in my life I enjoyed working out🙂❤

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