1. Sumayya Abubakar

    I still can't stop thanking and recommending Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my type 2 diabetes disease within just three weeks of taking his herbs supplements which he sent to me

  2. MelanatedRN #reparationsnow

    Where’s the line drawn as far as hipaa violation

  3. MelanatedRN #reparationsnow

    My student doesn’t like to eat lunch so she bottoms out every single time. How do i engage with this situation

  4. Jp Tallest

    I just want to go say a very big thanks to Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for saving my life from Diabetes disease with his herbs medicine.

  5. Lisa Castagne432

    Dr IGUDIA on YouTube have really made me believe in his herbs medication after using his herbs I ordered from him in curing my Diabetes disease

  6. Barbara J Peterson

    I recommend Dr IGUDIA on YouTube for Diabetes disease cure because I have used his herbs medication and I’m completely cured of this deadly disease …

  7. ummtidee2

    This is an excellent, informative video. It is up to date, and the presenter is clear in her p resentation. It is good for anyone who wishes to review their undestanding of diabetis preceedures in school

  8. Veronica Moore

    All thanks to Dr martins abul who helped me with a cure to get rid of my diabetes, thank you sir..

  9. Kristie Jess

    I use Ambrosia BluCon device with Libre sensor and check the glucose readings on my phone through Linkblucon app as the app is very much easy to use for every one with stable connection and give me voice alerts every time when my glucose values are not in range.

  10. Zinc Man

    What is your school district's recommended dose for IM Glucagon? Thanks, Great video

  11. Penny Dreadful

    Great video! So much information ❤️

  12. Pauline Mcleggan

    What is ISF small or trace ketones.

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