Dr. Jason Fung: Fasting as a Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss

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Dr. Jason Fung: Fasting as a Therapeutic Option for Weight Loss

Dr. Jason Fung, MD, is a nephrologist and expert in the use of intermittent fasting and low-carbohydrate diets for the treatment of Type 2 diabetes. In this presentation, delivered on Aug. 2, 2018, at the 2018 CrossFit Health Conference in Madison, Wisconsin, Fung shares his first-hand experiences with “The Mess” and discusses how he shifted his research and medical practices as a result of those experiences.

Fung’s objectives for his presentation include:
1. Understanding why long-term weight loss is so difficult.
2. Introducing the concept of therapeutic fasting.
3. Understanding some myths and misunderstandings associated with the fasting process.

He recalls treating obese and diabetic patients with traditional methods, which included what he characterizes as poor dietary recommendations and a slurry of drugs. He explains, “It became obvious that I’m just sort of holding their hand until they get their heart attack, until they get dialysis, until they go blind, until we chop their feet off.”

“It’s really sad to realize that the profession that you’ve chosen is not really helping people,” he says. This realization compelled him to diagnose the problems associated with traditional care and seek alternative treatment methods for his patients.

Fung historicizes what he calls “the modern eating pattern,” which emerged in 1977 in the U.S. with the development of the Dietary Guidelines for Americans. He notes the 1977 guidelines led to the consumption of more grains and sugars, which in turn led to people “eating often, eating late, and eating all the time.”

Incidences of obesity and Type 2 diabetes reached epidemic levels, and the most common treatments long have been drug interventions. Unfortunately, the prevailing non-pharmaceutical prescription — to eat less and move more — has a 99.9% failure rate. Fung observes that popular wisdom tells us to blame the patient and assume he or she did not adhere to the prescription. He claims a basic understanding of metabolism suggests otherwise, however.

Fung explains why a significant reduction in caloric intake leads to a decrease in basal metabolism. This biological inevitability is ignored by the proponents of the “calories in, calories out” fallacy, he observes.

He also explains why intermittent fasting is an effective alternative to traditional treatments for obesity and diabetes. The modern eating pattern keeps our insulin levels high all the time as we eat over long durations, and when insulin remains high all the time, Fung explains, our bodies store food energy as fat, and we remain hungry.

Intermittent fasting, on the other hand, allows insulin levels to drop, which puts us in burning mode rather than storing mode.
Fung claims his recommendations are so effective that patients no longer need to say, “Oh wow, I have to go see my doctor to see what pill I need,” or, “I need to go see my doctor to see if he needs to stick a stent in me.” Instead, Fung explains, “We’re giving you the power to take back your own health, because you’re not gonna get it from anywhere else.”

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  1. BeartimeJollys_Fitness

    Calories are king, intermittent fasting helps. IDK why this video is claiming that it doesn't work to lower calories to the correct amount and exercise more. It does indeed work, long term, that's exactly what people should do. Google your goal weight's maintenance calories and eat that much. Maybe a little less until you reach your goal weight so you get there faster. Literally the only real way to weigh a specific amount long term is to eat the right amount of calories. Calories in/out. Claiming that it doesn't work is nonsense tbh.

  2. I’m !

    HE is amazing 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  3. Amy L Boyd

    Now I understand why my appetite dissipated after 3 days fasting. Baffled me! Your humor makes the message so listenable. Thank you.

  4. valdomiro oliveira

    My oldest son is in his early 20's and he has type 1 diabetes. But thank God for this piece of article https://www.youtube.com/post/UgkxVYhghKWmrUgXARZ_ydZTvmmcrw5L0I5i At first he thought he had the flu and was lying down on the bed for three days until his sister took him to the hospital. They took his blood and it was 600. What I do not understand is how he could have gotten it, since no one in the family has it. But he is winning the battle now. This is good stuff.

  5. Ann Alexander

    I can do a 24 hour fast tomorrow can i take my medication and my trucility 75mls injection i need to take water and cups of tea,dr flung

  6. Nae:tek

    …I'm Sure He Practice Martial Art and he is good at it too <3

  7. Jay Stevens

    thank you Dr. Jason Fung to remind people of the benefits of fasting. As usually, the true comes regular out with more than 100 years of delay.
    Dr. Otto Buechinger started on 1920 with first fast therapy until nowadays.what becomes like something quite new hype.
    Yes, more than 100 years all doctors and food industry worldwide did a great job in taking away humanity from access to a more health lifestyle.
    The concern of Dr. Otto Buechinger is that benefits of fasting starts with long term fast of minimum 5 days and longer.

    But the konwledge from benefits of fasting is older than several thousands of years , but it seams still not spoken by everyone



  9. Ann Alexander

    I've,been passing a lot of water on my diet but I've problems bed wetting I need to try not fall asleep dr

  10. Ann Alexander

    Glitrizide aniphyillan tablets 400 mls
    And folic acid tablets

  11. Ann Alexander

    Back later am visiting a friend am in shelter housing dt Jason

  12. Ann Alexander

    12 lunch and 4 main meal dr Jason I do get kidney but am not to bad at moment

  13. Ann Alexander

    Is one wrap a day with kale and organic cheese dr Jason

  14. Ann Alexander

    I have to follow my doctor I attend respiratory clinic at hospital and I am deaf I wear 2 hearing plus am getting injection s in bothveyes at hospital I have been following dr berg for nutrition dr Jason

  15. McGame_on

    Just starting this today on a 18/6 schedule. I'm considering fasting from 6pm until 12am (as i never have time to have breakfast anyway), Is this something that i can sustain 365 days? i see a lot of people mention that weight loss slows over time so to combat this i'm planning on introducing exercise at this stage.

  16. Flora Joanna Kannio

    I whole-heartedly recommend fasting in addition to weight training. I broke a very annoying plateau at 80cm waist via time restricted, plant based diet and daily kettlebell sessions – and it stuck! So, if someone is in kinda good shape to begin with, fasting can be that small shove to improve those gains and make them permanent.

  17. Naseer Ahmed

    In Islam the prophet Muhammad ﷺ encourages us to fast on Mondays and Thursdays. He ﷺ used to fast those days. Now Ramadan is also approaching and Muslims are excited to fast! Fasting rocks!

  18. Kris Palang

    Dr Jason Fung you are heaven sent to us to me for sure! I have been telling my doctor that their should be a way to reverse diabetes and she said no that taking metformin + Farxiga is my lifetime pill. I disagree with this— I waa able to rid of Metformin but now still on Farxiga… I am following and doing your advise because I want to rid of Farxiga— I have so much pain physically and Im beginning to have skin discoloration which my doctor said its normal from having Diabetes…again I just want to say thank you for this information— knowing that Im not crazy to think its and all ailments is reversible.❤😊

  19. Ayandeji Adebayo

    Words aren’t enough for me to show how I grateful I am for helping me to get rid of my Diabetes’s type 2 Dr Igudia.

  20. Mark B

    Fasting is found in the King James Bible. OOPs am I allow to say that.

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