Dr. Brad Shaves Off Patient's Foot Growths | My Feet Are Killing Me

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  1. Andrew

    Just amputate my feet I could not do this I feel so bad for these people

  2. Dr. Evil

    The toe bro would of sanded his foot afterwards

  3. Joanne Curry

    To see how others can suffer makes you think again, like if you stub ya toe,or get blisters from new shoes BUT you still wear them because they cost a bomb,and you end up walking home bare footed then.end up getting worse when you Stand on a piece of glass! Well that’s some years ago when I used to wear high heels, now I’m 60 and wear smaller heels, days of Carrie Bradshaw are over. I am so chuffed they found out what it was, Dr Brad is lovely and so dedicated. ❤️

  4. CareTime

    Why do people wait for it to get that bad?

  5. Ziggy Azupardo

    That's where grated parmesan cheese comes from

  6. Kristine Petty

    Does he have diabetes? That does cause problem?

  7. Jared Murray

    I don’t have a condition 😕 my has one tho 😑🤭

  8. Sandland113

    His Son's face is priceless! 🤣

  9. Lilith

    How can people walk like that. I limp when I have an ingrown nail.

  10. The Greek Pianist

    Not to be gross but that looks like dick cheese too lol. I get that if I don’t wash my foreskin for a few days. And the smell is beyond horrendous! 😖

  11. Aries24655

    He need to do regular pedicures every two weeks

  12. Sleeve Steve

    So you ruined Cheetos, string cheese, and granola?!? Why bro

  13. Kim Wyatt

    Why was it not treated like a pedicure, cheese creator sander, hot soak etc

  14. Khaja Azher Uddin

    Allah Give Good health all Public's ameen.

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