Doctors are recommending a radical new approach to treat diabetes — and it could be a game-changer

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Type 2 diabetes may soon be a thing of the past. Gastrointestinal tract surgery is commonly used in obese people to help them lose weight. A new report has found that it could potentially treat type 2 diabetes.

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  1. vegforce

    A low fat vegan diet is a lot safer and cheaper and proven to effective. This comment was sponsored by the World Broccoli Growers Association

  2. Scarlet Letter

    Given that  lap band surgery and gastric bypass surgery, both, very different ways, reduce the amount nutrients (both macro and micro) that ultimately end up in the bloodstream this isn't really all that surprising. The results of both force the person whose under gone either of the surgeries in question to change their eating habits in way that fit quite well with the diet that a diabetic is typically prescribed; smaller, more frequent meals and snacks though out the day rather than the three larger meals that are common place in many cultures. Also, after surgery what the patient eats is just as critical as to how much and how often. Due to the fact that people (for a wide array of reasons) don't always make the best food choices, even when their life quite literally depends on it, means that this surgery will still have very limited efficacy if the patient in question isn't doing their utmost to make smarter dining choices. It can help to either have lap band or gastric bypass, but it's no silver bullet, and can in the long run make controlling diabetes harder for the patient if diet isn't managed properly afterwards. Finally, I'm well aware that I'm being a know-it-all asshat in posting this comment so, please, feel free to tear it apart. If I'm lucky, I'll learn something new from the resulting discourse.

  3. Guilherme Ferrão

    Saying experts believe it has something to do with "hormones, bile acids and bacteria" is like saying Earth is here because of "Gravity, Stars and celestial bodies"

  4. Insane Insomniac

    For the vast majority of those with Type II Diabetes, it is related to diet and lifestyle choices, so stop being a fat fuck and work on that instead of an easy way out.

  5. pra2ni

    another ploy to sell more surgery At end of 5 yr after most of them gained everything back incl dm. what radical should be is to change behaviour nobody will talk about it because nothing to sell there

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