Doctor Reacts to Eye Exercises | An Eye Surgeon’s Opinion

Doctor Reacts to Eye Exercises | An Eye Surgeon’s Opinion
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The popular youtube video 10 Great Exercises to Improve Your Eyesight has gained millions of views online but do the recommended exercises have any merit? Do the exercises they suggest actually help your Eyesight? In this video Dr Keenum of Dr Eyeball MD will react to and review these exercises.

Eye Exercises For Seniors | Eye Exercises For Healthy Eyes

Eye Exercises For Healthy Eyes | Eye Exercise For Seniors | More Life Health

Join me (Mike – Physiotherapist) for these eye exercises to help keep those eyes healthy!


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Do your best and any questions ask below!

– Mike

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  1. Otie Brown

    Eye Exercises, are the "wrong words" to use.
    Intelligent, wise prevention, (at 20/40) would be the correct scientific approach.

  2. Aidym Lovisotto

    What would you recommend for a four year old child with cyclic esotropia? VT is making us doing many extraoccular muscle strengthening exercises and conversion exercises. But no one can give me an answer to why it’s cyclical! It’s a 48 hr pattern with 24 hr esotropic and 24 hr orhtoptic with perfect alignment and streovision.
    You were saying something about eye restoring it’s lens when it’s closed ? This could explain why overnight she heals, but then again after the following night The Eye goes in – what can go wrong over night to make the ye go in?

  3. TheRealHerbaSchmurba

    The rthumbnail doesnt show the muscle strands you talk about in the video. Or at least I dont see it.

  4. Wilfredo. A. Burgos

    Thank you for your interpret Doctor and that go na help the patient 😊😊😊

  5. Tee Dee

    'Blink for a minute' – Chris Witty take note.

  6. roshan bhandari

    Everyone, literally every single soul in comment section from that video was saying it helped them with their vision. So, I don't give a horse crap if this is not scientific. I believe it already.

  7. lenard pareja

    Doctors always say eye exercises won't make your vision better so how the heck are there 20 million comments out there of people who doin these got their vision several diopters better

  8. Cervantes Cisneros

    An eye doctor that wears glasses? Yeah no thanks! Its like listening to a fat person talk about diet tips! Or like listening to a poor person talk about financial success. lol. No thanks bro!

  9. Alyssa Desjardins

    Would any of the exercises help with a lazy eye?

  10. Aditi

    The exercises will help . The doctor just wont say it bcuz its his job to give u glasses . He wont earn money if people dont get glasses

  11. Scott Sarver

    More like Dr. Dumball. His quick dismissal of these exercises shows and tells me he is Pharmacudically trained. So much to comment on here, but do yourself a favor dismiss his limited knowledge.

  12. Horkor_ Gaeming

    so Dr.Zach says it wont change alot if you do these excersize, so do you have any recommended excersize to improve eye sight ? (sorry if i spell your name wrong)

  13. Sheykh Asif Zaman Siddiqui

    I totally agree with doc here. I have been wearing power glasses since I was 6 years old. Strengthening the muscles around your eye balls are only gonna make you feel refreshed. I have elongated eye balls so no amount of such exercises are gonna improve my vision. Same goes for degenerated corneas. What we need to understand is the diagnosis of poor vision. The remedy or cure will be based on that. So, if you are looking for warding off eye tiredness then these exercises are good accompanied by splashing cold water.

  14. Cha Li

    Thank you for the video and it has great content

    I do candle meditation for months now, everyday 20 min. So far everything is good and research says candle gazing improves vision and strength of the eye muscles. Is there any negative effects of practicing candle meditation ?

  15. Otie Brown

    Hi Dr. EYEBALL.
    I greatly appreciate your review of the POSSIBILITY, of personal prevention, by a wise engineering student, entering a college, with a self measured refraction of -0.75 D, and 20/50.
    Without any anger, I suggest that prevention (meaning recovery from 20/50, to better than 20/30) is both reasonable, and possible.
    There is a good scientific reason to understand why this is possible.
    You (as a Doctor) are forced to use a bad theory, and assumptions, that prevents even a discussion of this type of long term prevention.
    I look for the day, when we stop using the word "exercise ", and study all eyes as dynamic systems, an offer a person a choice (entering college) the ability to protect their distance vision, for life.
    I am now back to 20/20.

  16. Cuddly Cat

    You look British but the accent ain’t.

  17. ysmithriley

    These exercises may not improve my eyesight, but my eyes FEEL 1,000% better. According to your review, the first and the eighth exercises potentially help improve a person's vision.

  18. Frank Hainke

    Doc Eyeball seema not to know the theory behind it. And intead of watching the video he should test it for a month and check then if something happened.

  19. Doomsday

    It works really works! my eye Dr. Told me that my vision did improved and only did it for 4 months prior to my annual visit. I'm 56 years and it really works. Also Dr. Mandell recommends similar eye exercises . This guy's opinion is only an option with no facts. 🤔

  20. More Life Health Seniors

    G’day everyone. I hope you enjoyed these somewhat different exercises. 👁️👀 Let me know how you went below and to read more on eye health: @t. .. Have a great week and I'll see you soon for more!! – Mike xo

  21. Jeanne P

    I find your eye exerices it helps me to relax and they feel good thank you for the time you take to help others from Melbourne Australia jeanne

  22. Soma Raj Saxena

    Can we keep our eyes closed and do eye exercises.

  23. m r

    I'm do this even though I'm 21 and get terrible eye strain with screen usage, and have astigmatism. I also want to keep my vision stable since prescription glasses are hereditary in my family. Thanks for helping preserve our optimal health!

  24. victor gonzalez

    Hope this work because lately my eye been tired will let ya know if this work!

  25. Katey Shaw

    My husband and l really like the way your exercises arent too overwhelmingly, you explain all that we are to be doing and remind us to sit in a good posture….we aim to do one set of exercises per day …we feel good today as we have just completed the full 55 minute one . .thank you for posting these ,my husband said we the fittest OAP around . . 🤣

  26. Sumith Jain

    Disease:- Blepharospsam (dry eyes) best exercise tips sir

  27. bonnie alvarez

    Oh my goodness Mike, when I drew my finger to my nose, there were 2! of you. Tee-hee. Thanks loads!

  28. April Blossom

    A thousand times thank you ! Eyes are getting better and better! A good start to the day as before I never blinked due to a 'rogue' eye

  29. Gods Country

    Again I say thnku soo much it’s really helpful for me it was a dried eyes I used a lots of medicine 🥰🥰🥰🤗🤗🙏🙏

  30. Joyce Cardozo

    Thanks Mike for the eye exercises. We do need them as we, even as seniors, spend quite sometime watching screens.

  31. Mark Pigott

    Cool……never ever considered this….feels Great

  32. Ke

    Will these help if you have had cataract surgery? Also detached retina surgery?

  33. angeline george

    Thank u. Please show exercises to lower eye pressure. I have retinapathy

  34. shahid shohel

    I get severe headache after doing eye exercises for a few days, then I have to stop it. I am taking eye drops regularly to reduce eye pressure as I have signs of glaucoma.

  35. Shirley Best James

    Hello Mike, is it possible to do a series on Deep Breathing, and also maybe 60 minutes only walking ? Thanks.

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