Do This For 20 days For Healthy Lungs | 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Lungs | Dr. Vivek Joshi

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Revitalize Your Respiratory System: Do This For 20 Days For Healthy Lungs – 5 Unique Techniques by Dr. Vivek Joshi

Do This For 20 days For Healthy Lungs | 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Lungs | Dr. Vivek Joshi

In today’s urbanized environment, our lungs, the pivotal organs for breathing, are under constant attack. Pollution, smoke, and other harmful particles significantly diminish lung functionality. But, hope isn’t lost! Dr. Vivek Joshi, a respected figure in respiratory care, presents five invaluable techniques to detoxify our lungs. When practiced for 20 days, you’ll notice a remarkable difference. Let’s explore these methods, shall we? Do This For 20 days For Healthy Lungs | 5 Simple Ways To Detox Your Lungs | Dr. Vivek Joshi

The Importance of Lung Detoxification

Lungs play a crucial role in filtering out pollutants. Over time, the accumulation of toxins can lead to decreased lung efficiency, making detoxification a priority.

Understanding the Detox Process

Detoxification is not merely a buzzword. It refers to the body’s natural process of eliminating or neutralizing toxins, ensuring organs function optimally. By assisting our lungs in this process, we’re essentially paving the way for a healthier life.

Benefits of Lung Detoxification

  • Enhanced lung capacity: By clearing out the mucus and obstructions, our lungs can expand more, facilitating better oxygen intake.
  • Reduced risk of respiratory illnesses: A detoxed lung is less prone to infections and diseases.
  • Increased energy and vitality: With improved oxygen supply, overall body functionality amplifies.

Dr. Joshi’s 5 Techniques for Lung Detoxification

Each method, rooted in science and experience, targets various aspects of lung health. Let’s dive into each, step-by-step.

Deep Breathing Exercises

We often overlook the power of deep breathing. It not only calms the mind but also expels toxins trapped in our lungs.

  • Practice: Sit comfortably, inhale deeply through your nose, hold for a count of five, and exhale slowly through your mouth.

Stay Hydrated

Water, the elixir of life, assists in thinning the mucus lining the airways, making it easier to expel.

  • Tip: Aim for at least 8 glasses a day. Adding a squeeze of lemon can further aid detoxification.

Dietary Adjustments

Certain foods enhance lung health.

  • Foods to Include: Leafy greens, berries, and foods rich in omega-3 like fish.
  • Foods to Avoid: Dairy products, as they can increase mucus production.

Avoid Pollutants

This might sound like a no-brainer, but actively avoiding areas with high pollution can make a world of difference.

  • Best Practices: Opt for indoor exercises on days when outdoor pollution levels are high.

Regular Exercise

Exercise isn’t just for muscles; it’s essential for our lungs too. Regular activity ensures our lungs remain active and efficient.

  • Pro tip: Aerobic exercises, in particular, are highly beneficial.

Experience & Expertise: Dr. Vivek Joshi’s Contribution to Respiratory Care

Dr. Joshi’s methods aren’t merely theoretical. Rooted in rigorous research and years of hands-on experience, his techniques have been a beacon of hope for many. His dedication to the field and in-depth understanding has changed countless lives.


What is the primary function of our lungs? Our lungs are responsible for taking in oxygen when we inhale and expelling carbon dioxide when we exhale.

Why is detoxification essential for our lungs? Detoxification removes harmful toxins, improves lung efficiency, and reduces the risk of respiratory diseases.

How can diet influence lung health? A balanced diet, rich in antioxidants and omega-3s, can support lung function, while certain foods might produce mucus or irritate the lungs.

Can exercise harm already weakened lungs? Always consult with a healthcare professional before starting any exercise regime, especially if you have pre-existing conditions.

How effective are Dr. Joshi’s methods for lung detoxification? While individual results can vary, many have reported significant improvements after following his methods consistently for 20 days.

Is avoiding pollutants always possible, especially in cities? While complete avoidance might be challenging, being informed about pollution levels and adjusting outdoor activities accordingly can be beneficial.


Our lungs are indispensable, and their health should never be compromised. Dr. Vivek Joshi’s methods provide a comprehensive approach to lung detoxification, emphasizing its significance in modern times. By integrating these techniques into our daily lives, a healthier, more vibrant life awaits.

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  1. Angel Rosado

    Dr Josh’s I am on the process of stop smoking I been smoking for years but my lungs haven’t give me any problems up to know and I want to clean my lungs and won’t smoke anymore this will help me to clean the nicotine?

  2. Frank

    Dr. Joshi- I've watched many videos on this subject and I must compliment you on the diagram for breathing techniques. It explains perfectly.

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  4. Fanny Grijalva

    Gracias Dr Vivek por sus excelentes consejos Saludos desde Ecuador bendiciones

  5. bonnie Davis

    licorice, ginger licorice tea, dandelion tea or put in soup, carrots, breathing exercises.

  6. Renee McMillan

    No stream for non tuberculosis mycobacterium

  7. Wally Paige

    What if you smoked for over 30 years and have COPD . Can an old lung be healed?

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    I had a small jar or crystallized ginger Ive been saving for years I finally found this evening. Very interesting, still good but I prefer fresh or lightly pickled. Im excited to try some fresh tomorrow, hopefully some fresh wasabi as well. Im going to cut wayyy back on the dairy for a few weeks, which is a feat in Wisconsin. Only some butter for frying I reckon. Whats the major difference between black and red liquorice?

  10. shipra srivastava

    HI doc.i am suffering frm a lung disease called ABPA nd im only in my early 40's.tks for sharing this remedy.if u have anythg else to tell me regarding my disease or boosting immunity i would be grateful to u.

  11. Preethi Balasubramaniam

    Hello sir my mom and dad both are diabetic. Can they drink liquorice tea everyday. How much quantity they can drink and how often. How much for others. I heard too much of it cause more side effect and heart failure is it true. How much is too much?

  12. M P

    Thanks Dr Vivek you always bring some very important topics to educate us. Have a bless day from sunny Miami Florida.

  13. Majid Ansari

    sir kya ghee bhi nhi kha sakte h plz reply sir


    thanks for your advice.i am a smoker,and I obey your rules

  15. Pixma YMN

    Thank you doctor, IAM suffering from this

  16. The Great Indian Quotes

    Hello doctor. I have spot on my lung which is the issue for getting me visa for middle east countries. Is there any way to remove it? Can this spot be temporary because of my current cough condition and not calcified lesion? Please guide.

  17. venkat shivareddy

    Thank you sir.
    My question is.
    My father having TB 25 years back.
    But now breathing problem.
    What can be done.

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