Do This Every Morning: 10 Best Exercises

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Here are some easy routines that can help you burn fat and calories everyday! They’re fun and very much doable and can be done on a daily basis.

Good luck and let’s get started!❤️💪


00:00 Side Bends
00:51 Body Rotations
01:39 Torso Rotation
03:10 Rest
03:36 Overhead Reach
04:10 Rest
04:46 Knee Drive
05:30 Rest
06:01 Ski Jacks
06:52 Rest
07:23 Jumping Jacks
08:05 Rest
08:41 Running In Place
09:25 Rest
10:01 Waist Pinchers Right
10:38 Waist Pinchers Left
11:15 Rest
11:56 Step Back Jacks
12:42 Rest
13:42 Side Bends
14:34 Rest
14:50 Body Rotations
15:38 Rest
15:54 Torso Rotation
17:25 Rest
17:56 Overhead Reach
18:31 Rest
19:06 Knee Drive
19:50 Rest
20:21 Ski Jacks
21:12 Rest
21:43 Jumping Jacks
22:25 Rest
23:01 Running In Place
23:45 Rest
24:21 Waist Pinchers Right
24:58 Waist Pinchers Left
25:35 Rest
26:16 Step Back Jacks

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  1. Dada Tumbaga

    Nmasarap. Pero puede pa s.senior i love it

  2. Josie Reality Vlogs

    Thanks for sharing this exercise God BleS

  3. Florence Lubinda

    I started this today but after skipping 1500 not at once i was doing 150 I rest until I get to 1500 then 100 squart then done I will update you the results after 2weeks

  4. remliani chawngthu

    I use to follow this exercise

  5. joy cee

    First time I've tried this and just like wow im sweating,,feels great lol

  6. reshma parveen

    C-section candidate can do all exercise, 2017 first c- section,2019, 2022 gb operation ,now I'm 80 kg can I do…plz reply as soon as possible

  7. Jerome wesly

    How are you Master?
    How much calories we can burn while doing this exercise?

  8. La Riza Agullana

    Its my 1stym doing this exercise it's so great for beginners ❤️❤️❤️i fell very much alive🥰

  9. Themba Bentshu

    Thank you so much
    This very good

  10. jesus hernandez

    Are boiled eggs good for you?

  11. Topoi Sahu

    Thank you mam 🌹
    Exercise is best 🌟💕

  12. Liliana Quesada


  13. Shiela Mae Ambuan

    It's my first day trying this guide! It's great and I made a lot of sweat plus I can feel that my body stretches. Thank you so much🥰 Gonna download it and save it for my morning routine! 😃😄

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