Dinaz Aerobic Exercise for Diabetes

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Dinaz Aerobic Exercise for Diabetes

Dinaz Aerobics: Your Diabetes Game-Changer! Unleash the Power of Aerobic Exercise for Better Health. Join Now! 💪🩺 Dinaz Aerobic Exercise for Diabetes.

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  1. KOKA Sirisha

    Thank you mam. How many times it is required to perform every day, for better results?

  2. Faith Ogochukwu

    God bless you now and always Dr Igudia on YouTube, Just wanted to say a big THANK YOU for helping me cure my Type 2 Diabetes I was facing, I am now diabetes negative after my test result came out, I will be happy to recommend you to other people around the word

  3. Elisheva Shaw

    Cute use of Telugu words😘❤

  4. Pardeep Chopra

    This is a pure miracle!! It's been just 2 weeks since my mom has started following your therapy, with your therapy she takes treatment from planet Ayurveda and her sugar didn't come below 240 for the past few years.. and now after almost ages, her sugar has come down to 130!! There's improvement in her energy levels and she feels less thirsty. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

  5. Asha Lee

    Love this video. Makes me want to exercise. Have to absorb the compound moves though.

  6. Poompozhil Ponniah

    Beautiful really very useful for me. Very easy excies thanku sooo much

  7. Vivian Jennifer

    I give all thanks to Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured me from My type 2 Diabetes disease with his herbs medication

  8. Anetor Berry

    When it comes to Diabetes disease cure I can only recommend Dr Igudia on YouTube because I have used his herbs medication and it works

  9. Okolie Samuel

    What a great joy in my heart after getting a complete cure from Dr Igudia on YouTube for my Type two diabetes with his medication. Thank you very much doc!!!

  10. arshad aziz Siddiqui

    Beautiful and helpful, really, thank you dinaz for helping the diabetics

  11. Naphtal OleKingori

    I will do these exercises in my own pace but to make sure they will give the required results.

  12. Naphtal OleKingori

    Beautiful and effective exercises but I think the speed will be a bit too much for those over 60. It the tempo could be tonwd down a little, we could catch up and all benefit. Thank you nevertheless.

  13. Nilam Nikam

    Can i do this exersize during first trimester of pregnancy….

  14. Rizwana Khan

    Can knee pain patient do this aerobics

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