Digestive health: Successful prep for colonoscopy

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This video gives detailed information about dietary and medication changes in the week before a colonoscopy, and what to expect during and after the procedure. The instructions will help people have a procedure that yields the most accurate information about their colon’s health. The video was prepared by UW Medicine Gastroenterology in Seattle.
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  1. Elena Vigilla

    All my symptoms are gone including brain fog, fatigue and forever weakness,constipation, bloating, Diarrhoea e.t.c.. I got diagonised at 27 with IBS and Crohns, living with the pains was a real everyday struggle. A warrior would definitely understand..thanks to natural diet and natural protocol of DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME on here youtube, am so excited to be free, I really appreciate your help DR.UWENBOHERBALHOME.❤❤

  2. Carrie Bryan

    Drink it? I can't smell it without vomiting. My first prep involved pills, had no taste, and worked perfectly. Why this technique is no longer used baffles me. I can only assume sadism.


    Agradezco al Dr. Agboya en YouTube por su trabajo perfecto y honesto. Pude restaurar mi salud y mi vida sexual con la ayuda de sus remedios a base de hierbas. Oro para que Dios te dé más sabiduría para continuar con tus obras perfectas para ayudar a las vidas inocentes de las manos del herpes genital y el VPH https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCL_ksbGrUL6rQ14jtaTmhIQ 🙏

  4. Paul Zed

    I had one today.
    As it turns out
    I am to blame for my colon not being clean enough.
    How many times do you think I’ve ever done this.
    You deal with it every day.
    All this time and you can’t clean out a colon either.
    And now I don’t want to eat again.
    You need a lot better sales plan.
    Perhaps a professional presentation planner.
    PS I’ve not tried this on acid. Just saying.

  5. Sabrina McAlister

    Meeting Dr Igudia YouTube channel was the beginning of a new life for me after using his herbs medication in curing my Genital herpes Virus

  6. May Trang

    why can't Xray, ultra sound, MRI being use to find colon cancer like other cancers?

  7. Arco-Iris♡MJ☆

    🤝Thank you, for your Excellent Explanation, I'm not nervous anymore, having one tomorrow for the first time, praying🙏 that everything's come ok.

  8. Erin Town

    I am 14 and have chrons disease and had my first colonoscopy almost a year ago and having my 2nd one in about 2 weeks and am a little nervous

  9. Jef Olson

    Mine is day after tomorrow. I dread the prep. This video did nothing to ease my dread, but I at least understand (i think)

  10. trevor Hill

    In England we only have bowel prep 3 days before and are allowed blackcurrant juice

  11. Stacey Barbee

    This is better information than my doctor gave me and the label on the jug of prep gave me. I hope they still will do my colonoscopy when I get there.

  12. Sharmaine Etoroma

    Ma’am your instructions are so very clear and precise a tiny kid will get this. You can teach me anytime. They found spots on my lungs I’m waiting for my biopsy. I don’t drink don’t smoke. I am a breast cancer survivor. Any tips on healthy eating before this 🙏🏿🙇🏿‍♀️

  13. Megan Todd

    And Jesus answering said unto them , They that are whole need not a physician ; but they that are sick .

  14. Hank Jones

    risk of taking the prep with fucking aspartame in it. we all know its to kill us off! diet cola

  15. river

    Only 150 mil two sachet uk colonoscopy

  16. Janean Nelson

    When I had my first colonoscopy procedure the nurse put my Iv in my arm and I think she hit a nerve or a vein blow and it hurt so bad that I wanted to go home and not have the colonoscopy procedure! It still hurt and the colonoscopy procedure was August 12, 2021 what should I do about the pain and tingling in my arm and hand and my thumb? I am so upset that I am on able to use my last arm? I almost fall off the bed when she put the Iv in it sent me thought the roof! 🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵🥵

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