Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes
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Diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes

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Diabetes is diagnosed through laboratory blood tests: the fasting blood glucose test, hemoglobin A1c test, and the oral glucose tolerance test. Serious complications arise with type 2 diabetes, if not diagnosed early, or if inadequately controlled. Regular check-ups and monitoring are stressed, as these can help delay or prevent many diabetes complications.
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  1. An Khat

    Very interested Topic for diabetes!

  2. Aimless Idiot

    I just tested and I had 5.7 mmol/L (equal to 102.7 mg/dL) after not eating anything for 18+ hours. I didn't write the time down but I am 90% sure it was closer to 24 hours without food.

    I do not have any history of diabetes; in my family or otherwise, I just noticed I was steadily consuming more and more sugar every day, especially since the lockdown. I counted calories and wrote everything down; it turns out I regularly consume in excess of 200 grams or 7 ounces of sugar per day. This worried me greatly, especially since my excessive sugar intake has been going steadily for at least 3 or 4 months now.

    Because of this I bought a blood glucose meter, just so I could be 100% sure I am not walking around with sky high blood glucose. These preliminary results somewhat worry me, but I am going to do another test in a few days. This time around I'll be sure to accurately track the 24-hour window before measuring my blood glucose level again.

    What do you guys think? Should I be worried about my result of 5.7 mmol/L (102.7 mg/dL)? What is considered a normal healthy value? 70 to 80 mg/dL?

    Thank you for your time, kind traveler. Any and all comments/ideas/criticisms and/or opinions are very welcome and a response would be greatly appreciated!

  3. Neo Animation

    I have lost sensation at the tip of my middle finger should i be afraid

  4. maero abolo

    Can fasting blood sugar be normal and hba1c 8.6%?

  5. Dr. Bhagyshri Landage

    Best presentation and nice voice.

  6. hi

    If there are any doctors in the chat, should I get tested for diabetes? I have it on both sides of the family.

  7. Pranjal Borah

    Thank you Sir.
    I want to all blood test classification .
    Please share your link.

  8. Muhammad Fiaz

    Great and very useful information –Thanks for the author.

  9. south yorkshire ghost hunters

    hi please advice i was tested early this week and my doctor told me that i should eat breakfast before coming to be tested i did have breakfast and i had the test done. a few days later i got my results and was told i was type 2. I have spoken to many people who have said i should not have eaten before i was tested and i should have not eaten for at least 8 hours. So i am wondering has my doctor tested me wrongly or did he test me correct i am a little confused

  10. Md Mahfuzer Rahaman

    best presentation and easy going. not only like this but also thanks.

  11. Aquila Shelby

    Nice 4 minute summary of diagnosing DM and TOD

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