Diabetic Foot Ulcers & its Management – Dr. Sanjay Sharma | Doctors' Circle

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So with these complications of diabetes, next what happens to the patients foot because of these complications and because of trauma injury or juts because of a wrong foot wear, there could be an ulcer in the foot. It can be a small fungal infection between the webbed space or it could be a thorn prick or it cod be automatically that erupts on the plantar surface of the foot or above the foot. So what happens when these complications or symptoms are not treated appropriately in the beginning stages, it will lead to a big ulcer, a big non healing ulcer, which takes 28 to 52 weeks to heal. So how to manage this? Primarily we need to address the underlying cause. So first we need to have a pretty tight control on his glucose levels so at the ulcer heals the second one is here enough rest for the ulcer to heal? For example if there is a fracture in the arm or anywhere in the body you would see an orthopedic surgeon and put a cast on it and keep it for 4 to 6 weeks. In the foot, it needs adequate rest for it to heal. If you keep walking an if the ulcer is on the plantar aspect of the foot and if we keep walking with the ulcer there, you would need adequate rest and based on the kind of ulcer size of ulcer, we may give an offloading footwear or put you on a cast or there are various methods where the ulcer can be rested and offloaded . So that is one of the key things to be done. Second , if there is an infection, there are antibiotics that needs to be taken as per the advice of the doctor and ensure that the infection is healed if the infection contuse to be there, it turns to a gangrene and we may have to amputate the ulcer area or ampute the foot itself. The third and most important thing is the hygiene we need to ensure that the ulcers are adequate and do not use any of the home remedies. Please meet your doctor to endure it is treated with the right dressings and the right hygiene is given to the ulcer. So three thing is the right kind of dressing s and right kind of intervention at the right time and second things would be treating the causative factor that is the diabetes itself or peripheral vascular disease or anything that has caused the ulcer and the third is clearly the offloading . We need to offload that part or give adequate rest to that part for adequate healing. Without that it will not heal.
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  1. Michael balbin

    My heart will remain grateful Dr Igudia till forever,for the medical attention you showed me when I was battling with my type 2 diabetes you showed care in every way,and with the help of your herbal medication I was deeply shocked to see it work
    My heartiest gratitude to Dr Igudia

  2. Mayorfred

    God bless Dr.Igudia on YouTube, all my life will keep thanking you for the great help and for your product which actually works in eradicating my type 2 Diabetes out of my body system.

  3. Castellano Fan

    treatment ? home made ? a and e takes too much time !!!

  4. J O

    My sister used successfully an inexpensive antimicrobial Insole called PodoPhylus. It slowly releases Iodine gas that keeps the wound aseptic and heals faster. No infection, no complications, no amputation

  5. Mina J Hooper

    I want to personally take time out to appreciate Dr Igudia on his YouTube channel for the herbs medication I ordered from him in curing my type two Diabetes disease

  6. Mina J Hooper

    God bless Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel for getting the cure to Diabetes disease. I’m finally free from this deadly disease


    What kind of medicine to be administration for it??

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