1. Cat Scanned

    Thanks I can use all the advise I can get on this step. The shots I have no issue doing. Haven't done glucose curve testing yet. Next week. 😩

  2. siblings.slime.design

    thank you we are adopting a diabetic puppy today since i have type one diabetes so we know how to do most stuff already 🙂

  3. Jeffrey B

    A tourniquet is to help expose the vein when taking human blood for analysis, not for a drop of blood to test sugar levels. You've got that all wrong and are introducing an unnecessary step, which doesn't calm the dog. Have you seen human diabetics tourniquet their fingers? Of course not. Commenting from down here 🦘


    You don't need a tourniquet if you're not going into a vein.

  5. Sue Silva

    My Ben (a 14 year old poodle) was just diagnosing with diabetes. I am heartbroken and weepy (it hits me unexpectedly). I haven’t purchased a glucometer yet. What I would like to know is, did Roxy have a hard time adjusting to the 12 hour eating schedule? Ben seems hungry by noon time. Please share and thank you ❤️

  6. Lane Brassfield

    Wow you did a great job keeping her calming during that process

  7. sharon mcmann-morelli

    she is such a sweetheart so good for you 👍🏼

  8. sharon mcmann-morelli

    does it hurt the dog when you prick him?

  9. W.M Tower

    Roxy, you are such a good little girl! I only hope I can get my Bella to lay still and calm like you!👍🌟❤

  10. Terri Sidell

    Thank- you for sharing. I was surprised that the blood would flow with the leg upside down to get the sample. Great baby ,that Roxy!!

  11. G Corcino

    I wish majority of my patients will lay still like Roxy does when you're about to stick them. Great vid.

  12. Annemarie Rademeyer

    going to try this. broke my heart that we could not get a sample from the ear. it is terrible.

  13. Susan Kennedy

    My dog snarls and bites! And he’s blind……..I’m buying a muzzle.

  14. Curt Nicholson

    Thank you for your help with this video, and Roxy is adorable and has learned to become so relaxed with the procedure. Amazing! It's hard for us right now as we are just learning.

  15. David Quadagno

    How deep is needle in lancet

  16. Валентина Онуфриенковская

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