Diabetes Type 1 and Type 2, Animation.

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Diabetes refers to a group of conditions characterized by a high level of blood glucose, commonly referred to as blood sugar. Too much sugar in the blood can cause serious, sometimes life-threatening health problems.
There are two types of chronic diabetic conditions: type 1 diabetes and type 2 diabetes. Pregnant women may acquire a transient form of the disease called “gestational diabetes” which usually resolves after the birth of baby. Pre-diabetes is when the blood sugar level is at the borderline: higher than normal, but lower than in diabetics. Prediabetes may or may not progress to diabetes.
During food digestion, carbohydrates – or carb – break down into glucose which is carried by the bloodstream to various organs of the body. Here, it is either consumed as an energy source – in muscles for example – or is stored for later use in the liver. Insulin is a hormone produced by beta cells of the pancreas and is necessary for glucose intake by target cells. In other words, when insulin is deficient, muscle or liver cells are unable to use or store glucose, and as a result, glucose accumulates in the blood.
In healthy people, beta cells of the pancreas produce insulin; insulin binds to its receptor on target cells and induces glucose intake.
In type 1 diabetes, beta cells of the pancreas are destroyed by the immune system by mistake. The reason why this happens is unclear, but genetic factors are believed to play a major role. Insulin production is reduced; less insulin binds to its receptor on target cells; less glucose is taken into the cells, more glucose stays in the blood. Type 1 is characterized by early onset, symptoms commonly start suddenly and before the age of 20. Type 1 diabetes is normally managed with insulin injection. Type 1 diabetics are therefore “insulin dependent”.
In type 2 diabetes, the pancreas produces enough insulin but something goes wrong either with receptor binding or insulin signaling inside the target cells. The cells are not responsive to insulin and therefore cannot import glucose; glucose stays in the blood. In other words, type 2 diabetics are “insulin resistant”. Here again, genetic factors predispose susceptibility to the disease, but it is believed that lifestyle plays a very important role in type 2. Typically, obesity, inactive lifestyle, and unhealthy diet are associated with higher risk of type 2 diabetes. Type 2 is characterized by adult onset; symptoms usually appear gradually and start after the age of 30. Type 2 diabetes accounts for about 80 to 90% of all diabetics. Management focuses on weight loss and includes a low-carb diet.

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  2. Suraj➆➄ⓞ➅➅➆➂➄➅➅

    Meri mom ka sugar 500+ rehta tha, Maina 1 Baid ji se Desi Dawa Le sirf 4 month me Diabetes jaad se khatam ho jad se khatam ho gayi ab 115 se 120 tak rehta hai, isliya unka Waasup n he de diya maina apna nam ka sath…

  3. Thien Ho

    I recently heard about a dietary supplement that can help to reduce the blood glucose without any major side effect name DIABACORE. Did anyone ever tried to use it? Please share your experience. Thank you.

  4. Flora Dean

    Thanks for the info. My endo suggested me to use Libre sensor with Ambrosia Blucon cgm. I have been using it for last one year and monitor blood glucose on phone and watch.

  5. catherine hart

    Diabetes can be a tough battle unless you are willing to cut back on unhealthy foods and simple exercise

  6. Abraxaskirche

    I got a mccafe ad before watching this

  7. Mureed Nassif

    Healthy mind in a healthy body ☺️.
    All you need is a balanced diet, instead of keto. For example finish breaky at 8:30 am, 11:30 a cup of coffee, 2:30 lunch, 4:30pm a piece of fruit.
    7:30pm dinner. Then 8:30 dessert, or popcorn 🍿 with favourite TV show.
    Plenty of water, no sugary drinks, no chocolates, packets of chips & eating out once a week. Or 5 day intervels. For example Saturday, then thursday, then skip one week & again Saturday & thursday, ECT. Minimum twice a week exercise & most importantly speak to your doctor & specialist. Also eat mainly wholegrain bread 🍞, instead of White 🍞. 1 coffee & 1 tea a day only, with 1 tea spoon of sugar. Also movies once a month. Guaranteed results from effects of diabetes, high blood pressure , heart attack & stroke. Because prevention is definitely better than cure. This diet I highlighted, is more suitable for people living with type 2 diabetes, because they have to eat regularly & avoid eating large portions, when hungry. It's totally up to you. You can make diabetes your best friend or worst nightmare. Just look up the long term effects such as stroke, bypass surgery, obesity, high blood pressure, gangerine, blindness, heart attacks, annurysim, imputance, fatigue & thirst. & Many other health hazards. You can diffuse the bomb, before it blows up.
    Just look up all these conditions, & don't burry your head in the sand 🤗👍.
    Oh & never cure depression, heartbreak & bore-dome with food, it's the worst thing you can do. It's better to go for a drive to the gym or bike ride, beach or picnic. The best way to cure bore-dome is to do something constructive like cleaning, washing the car, gardening, reading & sleeping. You'll never feel thirsty or tired. Your body will love you for it. Because the basic functions you used to do that you take for granted, you'll difinetly miss after a stroke.
    Also the most important thing that diabetics need to understand is that after a stroke, when your kidney functioning is at 11%, you have to undergo dialysis & your are restricted to 600ml fluids a day, because most fluids go to your legs & leak through the skin. The good thing is at this stage it's not hard to reverse your diabetes & bring kidney functioning to 70%. But it's better to control your diabetes 20 years earlier, & avoid all these complications, & put your extra 💸 towards your mortgage &; supporting people in need, & God Will help you.😄😄😄😄😄😄.
    The key is to protect people from health hazards such as diabetes, heart attack, stroke, brain 🧠 annurysim & obisity. We should have a health plan using a card system for different stages of a person's health. For example each individual's such as borderline, diabetics & stroke victims should have a dietary plan to follow on a weekly basis. Because there is nothing more important than good health. If they comply with the dietary plan their should be rewards & if not, consequences. The plan should also include 3 days a week exercise. People will feel much better & satisfied, because it becomes habit. Only if people knew that a stroke, will make you doing something as simple as walking down the road 4%, then they will feel it will take them 70% to do the same effort. They will agree with my idea. Stroke is the second killer in the world, behind heart 💖 disease & diabetes affects more than 350 million people globally & in the USA alone every 4 mins someone is added to the kidney transplant list. But you can reverse the late stages of diabetes & live a healthy & happy life & increase your life expectancy 🤗. Only if you feel what a stroke can do to you. In the past I used to do 40 pushups on my toes. But know I can't even do one. That's what a stroke will do to you if you don't take action.

  8. hubbun nabi saw

    Assalamu'alaikum thanks for description

  9. giovanni brito

    I was so confused till l see this video animation wao !

  10. Tina muller

    Wow! I’m so exited I just got rid of my Diabetes with 12 days.I’m so filled with joy right now ❤️✊

  11. Umme Sulaim

    Basically in type 1 insulin in not secreted/destroyed and in type 2 insulin though produced is of no Or little importance

  12. MCJ

    Can you get a transplant? I just thought about It

  13. rallyworld

    ????Type 2 diabetics makes insulin?

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