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Summa’s customized wellness plan help kept Terrance healthy and out of the hospital.

When Terrance Gainer’s muscles suddenly locked up, he called his Summa primary care physician Dr. Roberto Lebron who diagnosed diabetes.

“His blood glucose was dangerously high,” said Dr. Lebron. “Our coordinated team, including a diabetes educator, dietician, nurse practitioner and social worker gave Terrance the education, nutrition counseling and follow-up care he needed to control his disease.”

“I lost 20 pounds and my glucose is normal,” said Terrance. “I’ve got more energy for fishing with my brother. I feel like me again!”

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  1. אודינצוב דיאנה

    Why do hypotonic solutions help in this situation?
    0.45% NaCl ?
    0.33% Nacl ?
    2.5% deztrose ?

  2. Mansur Al-Ruwaili

    This is amazing, thank you so much

  3. Khawlah

    Thank you very much, it is a good one. what kind of tools you use to generate these animation?

  4. Holly Wood In New York

    Recently, I applied to NP school, and I find myself looking at your videos all over again. Please upload more often! Any pharmacology tips? 😀

  5. SJC Chen

    Great video, and presentation skill. Is it possible to share what tools you used for the presentation? I do a lot of presentations too and had seen a lot and yours is best. Would love to borrow some of your skills.

  6. SER✨ el primer paso

    I really love all your videos! please continue uploading 😀 Thanks !

  7. m Eissa

    indeed you are great, very clear very efficient and easy to follow and understan

  8. TrueCourse

    Thanks for the update! 👍🏼

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