Diabetes through MCQS – Quick Revision | Pharmacology with Dr. Siraj Ahmad

Diabetes through MCQS – Quick Revision | Pharmacology with Dr. Siraj Ahmad
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Diabetes through MCQS - Quick Revision | Pharmacology with Dr. Siraj Ahmad


In this session, Dr, Siraj Ahmad will be helping you to revise some important mcqs about diabetes. This session will be helpful for the students appearing for NEET PG, AIIMS PG, PGI, JIPMER medical entrance examinations

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Learn how to recognize distractors and irrelevant information. Learn how to zoom in on the correct answers regarding Diabetes.


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  1. Taco bell

    IL6 Tnfalpha retinol binding protein INSULIN RESISTANT

  2. Taco bell

    insulin sensitizer
    metformin biguanide

  3. Taco bell

    MOA PIOGLITAZONE -ppar gamma agonist

  4. Taco bell

    sglt2 inhibitors can lead to fourniers gangrene( glifozins)

  5. Taco bell

    Mody 1 – hnf4a
    mody 3 hnf1a
    mody 2 glucokinase

  6. Ahmed aidurus

    You have earned my full respect doctor Ahmad!.
    Allah bless u

  7. Julie

    Hi Professor D!!! Could you make some new videos with diabetes questions?? Would love to watch them to study for tests and NCLEX!!! @nexus nursing

  8. Kayla Carlyle

    Thank you so much Professor D for these wonderful videos. I'm surviving my first semester of nursing school and your videos have been so helpful. Thank you for giving us the rationals and why the other answers are wrong!

  9. Sahar Zolfaghari

    Hi Professor D, your part 1 videos stopped in the middle of the question and part II didn’t continue with that specific question. I’m curious about the answer of last question in part I ! Was it 1-2-5?

  10. Latrice Eleby

    Thank you so much these videos are amazing ❤️

  11. michael sorilla

    Professor D thank you so much , your videos helped me to prepare for my NCLEX … I passed , thank you and more power

  12. Lidi G

    Professor D, thank you for these videos. I appreciate so much the way you explain. I'm a medical assistant planning to get into nursing school and this really helps.

  13. Heavenly-Love

    Prof D, can u pls enlarge the writings next time? Thank u!


    I really hate to trouble you., please if its not too much burden, kindly share the link of 1st 10 questions. I cant explain why i dont see it. except it was removed.


    Very helpful. Thanks Professor D. you have been so helpful than you can imagine. I literally see you give me that look, like dont you dare", when am considering a wrong answer choice…lol

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