Diabetes Symptoms in Women | Warning Signs of Diabetes in Women | Understanding Diabetes| besugarfit

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Diabetes Symptoms in Women | Warning Signs of Diabetes in Women | Understanding Diabetes| besugarfit

BeSugarFit reveals the critical diabetes symptoms in women! Don’t miss these warning signs and tips to understand diabetes. Click now! #DiabetesSymptoms #WomenHealth.

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Diabetes in women is much more common than we realize. And so, being able to detect signs of diabetes early on can be extremely helpful! As per international statistics of 2021, 9% of women in the world population have diabetes. And the prevalence in women in India is 11.7%! You’ll notice most cases of type 2 diabetes among women older than 45 years old, while gestational diabetes usually occurs in women during the childbearing age. And even though most symptoms of diabetes are the same between men and women, some symptoms are unique to women. Our sugar.fit health coach Venus Singh will be discussing the signs of different types of diabetes in women so you can look out for them early on!

0:00 – Introduction
0:48 – Signs Of Diabetes In Women
1:50 – Type 2 Diabetes
3:08 – Diabetes Symptoms in Women
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