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  4. trishguajardo

    Trish Guajardo MEDA 115 Fall 2021. This was concise and informative. I had gestational diabetes while pregnant with my first child so this was informative

  5. Xiaoyi Ma Halford

    MEDA 55 Fall 2020, Thank you for the video!

  6. Michaela Montero

    MEDA 110 Fall 2020: I appreciate you giving us the definitions at the beginning of the video. Really makes it all easier to follow.

  7. That Clinical Instructor

    EXCELLENT video, my nursing and allied health students learning endocrine A&P via Distance Learning appreciate this very much! Kudos!

  8. Fabian

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  9. TickaTicka

    I always get confused with the different types of diabetes. I probably have covered the subject at least a dozen times through various classes and still would not be confident in saying I knew the differences between them. But your explanation was very helpful! Would gestational diabetes insipidus resolve after the female gives birth? Or would this be a permanent condition for her? MEDA summer 2020

  10. D Taylor

    …is he actually writing backwards legibly?

  11. Ememobong Umondak

    So so educative. Thanks so much

  12. Victoria Harrington

    MEDA 55 Spring 2020 After learning about Diabetes Insipidus in the past, this was a great refresher! I also learned a bit more about this condition.

  13. alova

    I like how the lecture was broken down, but it would've been a bit helpful if there was an explanation as to the difference between insipidus and mellitus to start off the lecture.

  14. Giuliana Giardino

    I have never heard or this type of diabetes, only type one and type two.

  15. Bree

    I never really knew that there were this many different types of diabetes and exactly what happens within these conditions. Thank you for the information it was very clear

  16. Diego Alfonso Ley

    Great video! It really helped me understand the four types of the conditions of Diabetes Insipidus.

  17. Evelyne Espinosa

    I didn't know much about Diabetes Insipidus. This video gives a good explanation about the different types of diabetes Insipidus and the importance of the ADH hormone.

  18. Monia Tuama

    Good explanation on Diabetes Insipidus! Well done

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