Diabetes In Cats: Best Home Remedies

Diabetes In Cats: Best Home Remedies
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Diabetes In Cats: Best Home Remedies

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Dr Jones’ cat Murray is on 3 things that have treated his diabetes; his cat is no longer on Insulin!

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Dr Jones’ new cat is a diabetic, being on twice daily Insulin. Dr Jones has changed his cat’s diet, added in a new supplement, and now checks to see if his cat is no longer at diabetic. Find out what happens..and How you can naturally help your diabetic pet.

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  1. Joe Doyen

    My cat get two shots of 3.5 cc everyday

  2. Stephanie Smith

    Can this supplement be given to dogs? How do I purchase?

  3. Carole

    What percentage of protein should be in canned food/pouches ? I live in the UK so may not be able to get some brands recommended below.

  4. A Hos

    how do you know if your cat is in remission from diabetes and doesn't require insulin anymore?

  5. Eloy De Luna

    What’s a good brand of dog food for a diabetic dog??

  6. Kim Hastings

    Very very helpful information thank you Question, my cat gets chicken she loves it too but I give her salmon and tuna is that okay with diabetic cats ? She loves her fish.

  7. LD JT

    which brand of colostrum do you recommend?

  8. Missie Davis

    My 12 year old male orange tabby has diabetes & symptoms of neuropathy, but I'm worried about switching him to wet food since he has a very sensitive stomach. I tried a wet food diet on him when he was younger, and it gave him diarrhea. He's currently eating 1/4 cup 2xs daily, of Crave – low carb/high fiber dry food, but his neuropathy is still getting worse, (he's losing his balance), he naps by his water bowl, and even his eyes are starting to look cloudy.
    Maybe I'll take a chance and try switching to wet food with the nettle tea.

  9. Rinna May

    Hello…I would like to know if I can take off my 12 yr old domestic for insulin shots and just take your supplement? Also, I want to stop the giving him prescription diabetic food (purina DM) and just feed him chicken or animal fat. My Vet has charged us so much money and have pay more for a follow up appointment in 2 weeks…I have been giving him insulin for 3 weeks now so I want to stop and use holistic process. Pls advise.

  10. michelle

    I give my cat fenugreek for her diabetes.

  11. Sam Sam

    Hello, my cat Archie was recently diagnosed with diabetes and was put on insulin on four units twice a day. On the 5th day, he almost overdosed and it turned out that the dose was too high. After the overdose, it seems as my cat became neuropathy and he seems to be getting worst. The vet keeps telling me he might get better and has switched his dose down to 2 units. But I feel like the damage is done and my cat just isn't the same. He looks very depressed. Is there hope for him?? Please help a broken hearted pet owner…

  12. Akhan Alimbayev

    first advice is a give boiled chicken? what part of the chicken, breast?

  13. Vegan C

    So do you just give him chicken and nothing else? You didn't really explain it very well

  14. beth feinstin

    Thank you so much for this video! My 10 year old cat was diagnosed with diabetes. I do not want him on insulin. So your video is so helpful. What kind of canned food do you feed? I don't know if my cat will drink nettle tea but I can try it. I will order the supplement. Do you give raw organic chicken or cooked chicken breast? I have lot of other cats so should I follow the same routine for them all? I can not isolate my diabetic cat in a separate room as he is attached to my other cats

  15. Sherry Morisch

    Murray looks great! Over three years now 🙂

  16. KravDr

    I'm so happy for Murray's healing from diabetes!!



  18. A.A. S.

    I'm curious which brand of meter you're using there. I found testing the most costly element of diabetic management using the meter, lances and strips (at $2 a pop) the vet sold me. I've since switched to a non-veterinary brand of strips (only $0.75 a pop) and a human insulin as well as a pure raw (supplemented) diet but he still needs a small dose to be in the normal range.

  19. Delmy Franco

    My 9 years old dog was diagnosed with Diabetes 11 months ago (He was born with a mild Cushing syndrome). He was in a ketoacidosis stage and slowly dying, but vets were able to save him. For the last 10 months, I have given him 8 units of insulin twice a day. After that, he was back to normal, but he gradually lost his vision. He is 80% blind due to cataracts. So we decided to do the cataract surgery.

    The pet ophthalmologist ran some tests, and his Cushing syndrome was out of control. The vet put him on VVV / 30 mg per day. This put his crushing under control. Then, he had one final test before the eye surgery, and his sugar was at 720; the next day, it was at 96. Vets reduced the insulin to 2 units. The eye surgery was placed on hold, and the vets are trying to regulate the sugar and the Cushing. They changed his medication again to 10 mg twice a day for the Cushing and 3 units for the insulin. He looks ok, but he is weak, thin, fragile skin. I’m afraid that he may not be able to get eye surgery or die. Please advise.

  20. Ann Hall

    Doctor Jones, my little dog was diagnosed today with diabetes, drinking excessively and urinating every few minutes. He gets two units of insulin a day starting today. I would love to do what you did for your little cat. But, I can't see the name of your supplement and is there a "moist" high protein dog food you recommend. I bought today Hill's prescription diet can food for him, it is so stiff it bends the spoon. He refuses to eat it. I would continue his insulin and see if he can be taken off of it soon. Thank you for your wonderful help to animal Moms and Dads.

  21. Tina Foley

    Why do cat food companies sell this bad stuff for cats???..my cat is only 5 and been diagnosed with insulin..I’m heartbroken because he hates me for giving his jab twice day

  22. Bessie Hardin

    Hi my name is Bessie my house cat Susie is 15 years old she is a diabetic for around six months and now for the last three weeks she has been running a fever and she hides when she feel bad. Is there any help for her now or is she Close to the end please help me

  23. Barb Wellman

    Low carb/Keto cat/Carnivore Same way humans with T2 can beat diabetes.

  24. yulka Z

    My cat is 10 y/o he was diagnosed with DM since April 2021, I started 1 unit of Lantus twice daily and it wasn’t enough he ended up in DKA and was hospitalized for 7 days with pancreatitis… we went up on insulin dose 4 units twice daily and it was also not enough he got again pancreatitis and was 3 dats in hospital… now we went up to 7 units twice daily after couple months and the Vet put him on Purina Pro Plan EN diet… I am puzzling how gradually decrease his dose since his Fluctosamine level still high 600’s… 🤯Any suggestion please 🙏

  25. Marcella

    Thank you Dr. Jones. I'm going to try this with my senior cat. He gets two small servings of wet food per day and 3 small servings of diabetic kibble, but it doesn't seem to be helping. I just checked his BS and it was very high, but it's impossible to get a true curve as he never lets me do it more than once every few weeks. My question is, what do you consider to be a high-protein food? The wet food I give him is 10%, is that adequate or is there a specific brand I should be feeding?

  26. Voodoo Priest Man

    Doctor I just subscribed to your channel. where is your site to order the supplement? I don't see it anywhere

  27. Bonnie Kulp

    What would the supplement be for dog my dog just got tested and has biebatic they said needs insulin twice a day her leaves were 400 I'm glad I seen this was gonna get the dry food will now get the wet but you didn't say what the supplement was

  28. germanylicious

    What do you do if they get ketones? How do you treat them? Are they always a result of too little insulin??

  29. Brenda Stolecki

    Isn't Murray overweight? He looks larger than normal.

  30. Brenda Stolecki

    For home made High Protein cat food there are low glycemic vegetables. Google them and then CHECK to see if that vegetable is not toxic to cats.

  31. thejeffinvade

    First mate chicken formula has potato in it. That’s carbohydrate, isn’t it?

  32. zendoll1

    Where do I get that food? What kind is it?

  33. raven9ify

    My rescue dog wasn't spayed and she had developed diabetes due to that. Now I wanna get her spayed but the doc says I have to bring her sugars under control which really keeps fluctuating especially when she is in heat or about to and after it.
    How can I get her sugars under control so that I can get her spayed. As I read that getting spayed may help with her diabetes.

  34. Amy Old

    After taking the blood he walks out of the scene and could be doing anything with that sample, like changing it for a different one. He also fades the scene before putting the strip into the device. I don't trust that this "blood sample" is actually what came out of the cat. Just saying that when you walk away you could be doing anything so to me it proves nothing except that you are trying to sell a product.

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