Diabetes Epidemic: Part 1

Diabetes Epidemic: Part 1
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Diabetes Epidemic: Part 1

Forty years ago Type 2 Diabetes wasn’t heard of… now our health systems are overwhelmed with patients on dialysis, having amputations, and losing their sight. What has changed and why are we becoming sick? Ropata Adams-Walker put his health on the back-burner, but with a seventh child on the way he’s ready to face a diabetes test and get his health back on track. Brian Kairau was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes sixteen years ago. He’s on dialysis and is facing losing his foot.

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  1. Debbie Evans Phelar

    I’m so much grateful to Dr Igudia on YouTube who cured my diabetes type 2 with his natural herbs medication and I’m also using this opportunity to recommend everyone who also suffers from Diabetes disease to contact him on his YouTube channel because his herbs are indeed very effective.

  2. Laura Schulz

    I was able to get a total cure to my diabetes disease with the natural herbs medication I ordered from Dr Igudia on YouTube. The natural herbs medication was indeed effective and I love my new life.

  3. King Jeffrey

    The statement made by that lady about complications being inevitable is NOT entirely true.

  4. Amos Emenike

    I’m very much excited to have come across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel some time back. His herbs medication are really effective in curing Diabetes disease.

  5. An Awkward Sweet Potato

    Aww, Ropata is such a sweet marshmallow! 🤗 I hope he's well on his way to becoming healthy and successful!

  6. 2000coco

    Intermittent fasting people!! And 10k steps a day! That’s how I and many others I know keep the weight off.
    And of course eating healthy – mostly fruits and veggies

  7. Janis Nielson

    I just can’t stop thanking and recommending this great Dr IGUDIA on YouTube to everyone because his herbs medication are indeed very effective and cures Diabetes once and for all.

  8. Flora Dean

    Nice video, I use Libre and Blucon to monitor my glucose levels. The alarms are nice and are loud enough to wake me up. You can adjust your BG ranges to whatever you want. The best part of blucon is I can calibrate it for higher accuracy!

  9. Okolie Samuel

    Living with my type 2 Diabetes wasn’t easy for me but all that came to an end after using the natural herbs medication I ordered form Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel. All thanks to the great doctor who cured my type 2 Diabetes

  10. Maren Huwald

    There a scales you can use to weigh your food which show the amount of carbohydrates. One needs instuctions and a schooling.

  11. Allie Bart

    Nice video, I put on my Freestyle Libre 14days glucose sensor with NightRider! It's so good because 1) It shows if your sugars are trending up or down. 2) Give alarms if you go too low or too high. It is an amazing tool.

  12. cavhoki

    blame high fructose corn syrup and sugar

  13. Lisa Castagne432

    A very big appreciation to Dr. IGUDIA on YouTube for helping me get rid of my five years old type 2 Diabetes disease with his natural herbs medication. may God continue to bless your good work sir.

  14. Andrew Petersen

    Diabetes is a huge problem in most countries yet the bad foods that cause it are freely available everywhere you look

  15. Oyema Jonathan

    May God bless Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured my Type 2 Diabetes with his herbs medication

  16. Aaron Lina

    The moment I came across Dr IGUDIA YouTube channel that was the end of my type 2 Diabetes after using his herbal medication in curing my diabetes.

  17. memy angel2

    I will forever remain grateful to Dr IGUDIA on his YouTube channel who cured me from Diabetes disease with his herbs medication that I ordered from him

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