Diabetes Drugs (Oral Antihyperglycemics & Insulins)

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  4. duy van

    LOL Gliptin and Lipton are really related

  5. Mureed Nassif

    Your health is in your hands. A healthy mind is certainly in a healthy body. Medication is very important. It controls both my diabetes & blood pressure.
    Protect them from themselves against 💖 disease, diabetes, stroke & blindness, by implementing a health plan for all diabetics to follow, & if they don't follow it, lock them up for good😄👍. Every 4 mins in the USA a person is added to the kidney transplant list. The USA spends 390 billion dollars annually in diabetes treatments, of which 90 billion is spent on lost productivity. Heart disease is the no 1 killer globally, followed by stroke. Let's just say an effort that used to take take you 7% before a stroke, will take you 75% after a stroke. For example Diabetes, heart disease, obesity & stroke are the Ocean 🌊, & covid is the killer whale in the ocean 🌊. Your certainly better controlling your diabetes before a stroke. Everyone should do a quartly blood test to determine, the level of their health ☺️👍. World leaders are asholes, because they don't care about people, because people are just a disposable can of coke, & all that world leaders care about is the money 💵, circulating through the cash tills. Your health is the most important thing, & without health, you can't support your family & live a prosperous life. Avoid a stroke at all costs. Because a healthy mind is in a healthy body & that we eat to live & not live to eat 😃👍. You still enjoy your crispy cream once a month & eat out once a week, followed by exercise 3 times a week. Got example say once a week every Thursday, you can go to the food court or restaurant & have an entree, main meal & desert only. Never cure depression with binge eating but exercise such a a 5 km bike ride or going to the beach ⛱️. You'll save plenty of money 💵, that you can put towards your mortgage or buying a sports car. Very true diabetes affects your most important sensory organ, your eyes. Diabetes is the common denominator for heart disease & stroke, etc. Just look up the symptoms of diabetes & short & long term effects. You have to be shocked, because prevention is certainly better than cure. Don't let diabetes burn 🔥you, put the 🔥 💦out before it's too late. Don't waste your time going on a binge eating fest. Do some house work, exercise or read some interesting facts. Because after a stroke you'll definitely miss these things you used to take for granted, such as driving, walking, riding a bike, working & house work. It took me 3 years, just to be able to walk down the road, with 2 hours a week of constant physio. Also after a stroke, you completely lose your balance. It's better to turn diabetes on in it's head earlier, because it's much harder after a stroke. The stroke was the wake up call for me. Don't let it be the wake up call for you. If you turn diabetes on it's head, you'll definitely avoid blindness, Edema, kidney failure, by-pass surgery, obesity & the worst the second killer in the globe after heart disease, stroke. I don't want anyone to get stroke on their mid-thirtys. Imagine if I managed to reverse my kidney functioning from 11% to 70%, in the late stage stages of diabetes after the stroke, imagine what you can do before a stroke. It would be great to hear your doctor say your blood tests are fantastic, you have no discolouration in your extremedies, no edema & don't need eye laser surgery to weld bleeding blood vessels in your eye, or you need to do surgery from removing scare tissue from too much laser surgery that's pulling on your retina. Or eye 👁️ injections, to seel bleeding blood vessels. Your vision Will improve substantially, & you might need a new prescription for glasses & come of insulin. Just outweigh the benefits of controlling your diabetes in comparison to being reckless about your health. You'll be encouraged & motivated to continue with your diet & exercise🤗. You can easily live to your 80s+ if you control your diabetes in the early stages of your life. Believe me if I had a chance between getting 100 million dollars & having my health fully restored, I would choose to have my health fully restored. Just look up the Adam Sandler film called Click. Because after a stroke it clicked to me that your health & family are the most important thing in life, followed by your career. For example you can still enjoy the good stuff every Thursday in a restaurant or late night 🌃 shopping. Such as sushi 🍣 for an entree, followed by yellow tai curry with a can of zero, & desert. At the end of each month you can go to the movies & have your popcorn 🍿,zero or water. You can even go to crispy cream once a month for a coffee & a 🍩, after the movies. Get creative 🤗. Cinema once a month is reasonable, because there aren't many good movies & reasonable for diabetics.
    This is my dietry plan:
    Wake up 8:00am
    Finish breakfast 🥐 at 8:30am.
    Snack: coffee ☕@11:30am.
    Lunch: 2:30pm
    Snack; piece of fruit at 4:30pm.
    Dinner 🥗 at 7:30pm
    Desert @ 8:30pm
    Popcorn 🍿, with your favourite TV program.
    If you eat chips have a fun size packet or 10 to 15 pieces of chips only, but NOT the whole packet. Also plenty of water & no sugary drinks. Gaurented results. Exercise for 1 hour on say Monday & Wednesday and Friday only. Your body will love you for it🤗.

  6. Angela Offia

    DR AKHO HERBAL on YouTube my wife was seriously diagnosed with PCOS for like 10years now, after 14days of using DR AKHO medicine on YouTube I was revived back, now I'm 3weeks pregnant,

  7. Mena Khalid

    Incredibly helpful, thank you so much

  8. Nelly Wende

    I wish I could like your video more than once. I would have liked it a hundred times. Thank you so much. ❤️

  9. Michael Goldstein

    Just an update, large scale trials have demonstrated that SGLT-2 inhibitors are essentially potassium neutral and do not cause hyperkalemia.

  10. victor Giwa

    Diabetes are common herbs with Dr emuakhe on his Facebook page.every one get his good treatment from his natural herbal medicine for diabetes.

  11. Khan Salwa

    You deserves an Oscar , MAN!!🥳♥️

  12. roumaissa lafer

    Thank youu soo much DUUDE !!

  13. Pardeep Chopra


  14. oliver walker

    I only trust and recommend Dr Ogie on You Tube because his medication cured me from type 2 Diabetes with his natural herbs medication.

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