Diabetes and Alcohol / What to drink as a diabetic?

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I discuss considerations to be made by diabetics when consuming alcoholic beverages and impact of various alcoholic drinks on blood sugar levels. I explain how much carbohydrates is included in beer, wine, spirits, mixed drinks, and cocktails and share how I adjust my medication and insulin dosage when I drink alcohol. I talk about short term and long term impact of alcohol consumptions on diabetics.

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0:43 Are diabetics allowed to drink alcohol?
1:03 Maximum recommended alcohol consumption
1:18 What do different kinds of alcohol do with your blood sugar and how much carbs they contain
3:33 Drop of blood sugar after drinking alcohol

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Additional information: Please read!
When you are a diabetic and plan to drink alcohol make sure to carry your medical ID card and any other diabetes identification you use. When you plan to drink alcohol with your friends please let them know what to do if case of hypoglycaemia. In this video I do not recommend anyone to drink alcohol. I am only sharing my experience with alcohol as a type 1 diabetic and talk about generally known facts related to alcohol consumption by diabetics.

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I regularly release videos covering type 1 diabetes topics. Let me know if you have any questions or topics you would like me to cover. I really appreciate your input!

Disclaimer: I am not a medical professional and my videos are not medical advice. Please consult your medical professional regarding your diabetes treatment.

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  1. No-El

    Good info. Watch your consumption of beer………………………….rootbeer too.

  2. karoshi2

    I've had T1D for 24 years now and when I drink red wine, even only a little, my muscles start aching real bad and get stiff like my blood sugar would be WAY too high. It's not. Totally fine usually. But that's why I just avoid it – feels very uncomfortable and may well be some other kind of negative reaction.
    Beer, white wine, etc are ok.
    Does anyone else have this?

  3. Carlota Correia

    I drink vodka with cola zero so i don't have to bolus 🙂

  4. RedPetrol76

    I drink beer and usually don't take a shot with it. Only the first beer raises my glucose level, the second just keeps it hovering. For example once in a pub first beer had the level topping 8.8 but it went down to 5 quite fast, second beer having no significant change to it.

  5. David Agiel81

    I gave up alcohol and just smoke weed, doesn't raise my blood at all.

  6. Jay Gillespie

    I usually drink dry red wine from yellow tail it lowers my blood sugar

  7. Murray Johnson

    A little red wine with dinner never hurt anyone.

  8. Hamza Manar

    How can I drink while I am diabetic

  9. Andy Caden

    I dont normally drink now i call myself a water baby as i drink lots of mineral water but sometimes i have a guiness since its full of iron with a dash of blackcurrent but only once a year to remember family who passed away

    Great video

  10. Wella Wally

    Thank you so much! Very informative!

  11. Daniel Tavares

    I was diagnosed recently with DM1, and started to drink just dry red wine. As I am in honeymoon, and I am not doing the treatment with fast insulin so far, I think it is better to keep in this way off the beer.

  12. VSarilaki

    Thank you for this important information..<3

  13. Lozano

    Thanks for the video, although as someone has already said this is common knowledge, it is worth remembering.
    I am also a type 1 diabetic with more than 30 years of evolution (diagnosed in October 1989 at the age of 13).
    When I was a teenager I related a lot with a group of friends who belonged to an association of diabetics and we are all diabetics so we shared a lot of information within the group in which we were approximately the same age and sometimes we drank together.
    I usually drink wine (red or white) always dry with my wife sometimes a couple of glasses with dinner and this does not affect my glucose level.
    At other times I drink beer and it is difficult to control because of the amount of carbohydrates.
    Other times I drink aged rum with soda and my levels are practically unchanged.
    If I'm honest, I prefer aged rum with soda, but I try to only drink it on special occasions.
    Greetings from Spain.

  14. Regina SetYouOnFire

    So I used to experiment with alcohol to see what effects it would have on me as T1D and I saw that I only went high (over 140 for me) with mixed drinks or cocktails So I try to stay away from them. When drinking dry wine or vodka or whiskey, to avoid low glucose, I always drink with a meal or snack!

  15. Brittany Knack

    Freshly new to your content but have been a type 1 diabetic since 1992 and just recently had some changes with my alcohol consumption (due to 2020) but I like Diet Coke and Gin. Doesn’t affect my blood sugar as much on the weekends when I drink (heavier) but during the week I like Chablis with my dinner. For me diet Moutain Dew or Diet Sprite shoot my sugars up. Not sure what it is.

  16. Aaron eranna

    What about type 2 ? Can i drink 4 beer ? Or vodka mixed by water ? It's not danger for me

  17. Gary Roberts

    You’re just repeating common knowledge

  18. highrzr

    Me, I like beer. I find that low carb beers are better for me, but it's really hard to find a "low carb" beer that actually tastes good. Fortunately, I found 2 that I actually like. I also like Bourbon, Kentucky Straight or Tennessee Straight varieties. I prefer to "sip" my whiskey so there's nothing ever mixed with it.

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