Diabetes and Alcohol: Bad Combination

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Diabetes and alcohol don’t mix. Here’s why.

0:00 Diabetes and alcohol
0:20 Why diabetes and alcohol are a bad combination
2:14 What you could do
3:00 Bulletproof your immune system (free course!)

Today we’re going to talk about diabetes and alcohol and why they are a bad combo. All it takes is a small amount of alcohol to really throw off your blood sugars in a big way. Sugary wine, cocktails, margaritas, or beer can especially have an effect on your blood sugar levels.

If you’re a prediabetic, alcohol could push you faster into becoming a diabetic. Alcohol affects the cells of the pancreas, and you can lose the function of insulin. If there is a loss of function of insulin, there’s no more regulation of blood sugars. This can cause your blood sugar levels to go up.

Alcohol can also deplete the body of vitamin B1. Vitamin B1 is important to help prevent lactic acidosis, which can occur if you’re a diabetic. One of the potential side effects of Metformin is a vitamin B1 deficiency. Lactic acidosis is a risk factor of Metformin. The higher the sugars (from your blood sugars or from the diet), the more vitamin B1 you may need.

Alcohol can also be created from GMO corn, rice, GMO beet sugar, or other grains.

When you drink alcohol, the stored sugar (glycogen) in your liver will not be as available to you. This could mean that you’re going to need more medication because your blood sugars will not be as regulated. You could also lose the ability to detoxify alcohol if you’re a diabetic. As far as the pancreas, you could have increased or decreased insulin.

A few things you could do:
1. Avoid alcohol
2. Only drink alcohol with meals (if you can’t avoid it altogether)
3. Avoid sugary drinks
4. Take vitamin B1 (nutritional yeast)
5. Try kombucha tea instead as an alternative to alcohol

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Thanks for watching! If you’re a diabetic, you may want to avoid alcohol or check out these tips.
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  1. YoMama& YoDaddy

    😂 “Slightly drunk or should I say relax”

  2. Deco Joe

    24oz of beer is better that 24oz of Soda anyway of the week , beer has potassium , B3 , calcium too

  3. Lauren Edwards

    My husband passed away at age 35 because he was a diabetic who drank vodka around the clock. I wish I could have prevented his death.

  4. ineedhoez

    Thank you. I am low carb but my a1c keeps rising. It is mind blowing because my doctor says stop eating cookies, cakes, candy, and soda. I don't eat those things… but I DO drink my booze!!!!!!!

  5. KinArt

    Currently, I have 1-2 drinks per week. Bourbon or wine. A few days ago, I had 2 drinks with a meal, vodka/grapefruit juice. It was so refreshing. Is grapefruit juice acceptable for a mixer?

  6. Kaiser

    I was a heavy drinker but stopped cold turkey and was clean for 6 months. After found out I have type 2 diabetes and I know for a fact it was from drinking a ton of alcohol for years on end and becoming obese. I've been clean 9 months and lost 80+ lbs. A little too late I guess, could of been avoided if I took care of myself and didn't turn to alcohol. Can only blame myself for what I done to my body. Just got to live with it now and be healthy as possible. Honestly I do not miss the alcohol what so ever.

  7. Afarro

    I guess no one becomes kombuchalic …

  8. Wabz Advokat

    Gonna share this with my hubby! He is diabetic and drinks beer daily!

  9. كيتو دايت مع إسعاف

    Hello, when you drink alcohol, you get out of the ketogenic state, but the question is why does this person lose weight significantly?

  10. John Lewis

    Nice video, I have Freestyle Libre sensor and Ambrosia NightRider for manage my glucose values. Both products are very helpful for me.

  11. Vitalii Demianchuk

    Vodka has no sugar 🤣

  12. Mark Thorne

    appreciate your videos but this wasn't the best – skipping through and vague statements alongside graphs with no info.. wanted to share this with my mum but won't because of those reasons

  13. gamewiz10

    I became a type 1 diabetic at the age of 24. I don't want my drinking days to end yet

  14. H S

    Thank you Dr Berg, you helped me and my family more than any Doctors , just taking medication is not the answer to our health problems. Three years of keto, low carb and IF, No alcohol f, at age of 56 , I am getting into new hobby, Motorcycling, I plan to enjoy things that I can do now while I can do it. No more travelling because of Covid , so I got my self a motorcycle. I will try to get my friend to put alcohol aside and join me, hopefully it will keep his mind of Alcohol.

  15. RaptureReady

    Dr. Berg, maybe you’ve done a video on this, but do you support the addition of cinnamon and chromium picolinate in the fight against diabetes?

  16. Ketones Not Glucose

    Also, if acidic then drink electrolytes powder or CALM magnesium… And if you ever get drunk take NAC N-Acetyl Cysteine it's going to turn in to glutathione which is the Master Antioxidant…

  17. Maciej S

    What about professor Sinclar and his metformin routine?

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