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Dr. Wagner is the founder of JAWS podiatry & The MIFAS (minimally-invasive foot and ankle surgery) Institute, two state-of-the-art lower extremity facilities in Hollywood, where you will find South Florida’s top rated and highly acclaimed Doctors of Podiatric Medicine (DPM). 

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Join us in the thrilling world of foot & ankle medicine all the way from South Florida! You’ll see a lot of serious work mixed in with a lot of fun.


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  1. Judy Dilworth

    You are correct about creating resistant bacteria. If they are treating a possible Staph. aureus infection with Cipro, that means they aren't using the correct antibiotic if they are suspecting MRSA. I am a retired Clinical Microbiologist M.T. (ASCP) with 35+ years of micro experience. I don't think this gentleman understood the difference between a bone infection and a "regular" infection. I do hope his foot got better in the interim. MRSA is a huge problem with foot infections. I worked our aerobic/anaerobic wound bench at my last position before retirement for over 15 years. Feet are notoriously nasty in terms of pathogens of various types.

  2. aussiegrace

    Any pain? I think I left it in the glove compartment! 🤣

  3. Phira

    I was searching bumblefoot in chickens, and this was included in the results. I guess it's kinda similar!

  4. Stacy Whyte

    I'm here saying"JUST STAB IT!!!!" 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  5. ireallydont know

    This is where you become a compliant patient! Dayum Doc! Get em. I get it tho. I work in dental.

  6. ytgadfly

    I mean wtf is wrong with people? You have to argue with them to follow simple orders so they dont lose their foot?

  7. patrick pat

    Hey look I have a golf ball on my foot it look cool , let’s keep it until it give birth to that free golf ball , 3 years later that guy discover an anus grow up on top of his head , it was fun until it fart non stop ….

  8. Chancy Byford

    Thar looks bad. Poor guy, he didn't want to not put pressure on it and did lots of antibiotics. He needs to liesten. I can see why you was getting a little frusted.

  9. Soon Mee Kim

    I kept hearing nipple not nipper 🤦🏻‍♀️

  10. Pequitta Lyons

    Use a real blade. Dam does this guy know what he's doing?

  11. sarah louise

    What ended up happening with him???

  12. Myles Garrett

    Patience, listening, doing your job is a good doctor in my opinion. Your patients are your customers. They are your boss. You do a good job.

  13. Tasmanian Devil

    Watching from Tasmania,Australia. Love your work.

  14. Otto Helmick

    Being a physician is a trade.. don’t think of yourself above others

  15. Col.

    Would love to see the patient's face and he/she communicating with you. If I were the patient I have a feeling that I would feel that poking around you are doing with stick, Convince me, SIR

  16. Otto Helmick

    Good lord. Thanks for taking care of his ulcer but I don’t like how you repeatedly belittle the patient. This is why I ghost doctors

  17. Paola Bracho

    Por que não tirou essa bola do pé do paciente ???

  18. Marga Van Dieken

    Nu lord how do thay get this brrrrr

  19. María Graciela González Kloster

    Insoportable. Queremos ver la técnica. No la laaarga teoría. Gracias

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