DAY IN THE LIFE | Living With Type 1 Diabetes

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It’s diabetes awareness month and so today I’m sharing with you my daily life as a mum living with type 1 diabetes. I’ve recently had a bit of a set back with my a1c results which has in turn, had a knock on effect with my mental health. This video is also in collaboration with Meg, another mama having to deal with diabetes 24/7…

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  1. Family Four Explore

    Just watching the Documentary again. Can definitely help with you type 1. Dairy is a big contributor

  2. Family Four Explore

    Have you tried a plant based vegan diet. Not sure if it helps. Try watching " What the Health" on YouTube. Think people have drastically reversed their health issues xx are you not vlogging anymore 😕

  3. Vasilis Iliopoulos

    You have to bolus for protein too

  4. Tamsin Smith

    I have under active thyroid and diabetes too do they think your under active thyroid caused your diabetes as both autoimmune diseases? Thankyou for your videos they are great 🤩

  5. oliviabasham

    Thank you for sharing your struggles with us. It helps us all know we aren't alone,

  6. moon light

    you are amazing.i wish my little girl will be as strong as you.she is diabetic since she was 2 years.

  7. Justcallme Mac

    You’re certainly not alone! Type 1 25yrs here (I’m now 30). Have you tried pre bolusing before foods? Also, have you basal tested? If not, talk to your nurse about doing it, really helped me!

  8. matt

    You said in the video if anyone has tips you are willing and listening. You are free to private message me anywhere you desire.

  9. Matthew Torrance

    I have the freestyle libre it will change ur life unbelievable tool

  10. Nick J

    Love your videos! 🙂 can you fulfill my wife’s request?

  11. Rachael KP

    My friend hardly ever checks her levels suppose she knows how she feels and again I think she gets fed up with it all, cant wait for vlogmas x x

  12. the videos of Lily

    are you a youtuber full time

  13. C M

    Your face in this thumbnail sums up my feelings about type 1 😂 type 1 is very difficult to live with, and sometimes it’s very overwhelming especially when you do all the same things and get different results 😫 stay strong, your diagnosis doesn’t define you 💕

  14. wiggledy toes

    Thankyou Jess for this video, you are not alone, we all sound the same, the ups and downs of t1. If you want even better control you may consider standardising your diet for a while and weighing everything. Then you get to know whats effecting what, if the bolus or basal is off, or excercise, stress, sleep etc. Knowing yourself helps tight control. But be careful of the trap ive fallen into, weighing everything and eating pretty much the same. Id like to know the weight of that apple. As your low carb i imagine youve read Richard K Bernsteins book and heard his amazing story, i only ask cause werent sure if you knew you have to bolus for protein. He also puts a youtube video out once a month answering peoples questions. Not sure if youve heard of the juicebox podcast, aka scott benner on youtube, i look forward to listening to it each week, and think it would be great if he interviewed you. All the best, chin up.

  15. Rhiannon williams

    Aw Jess, didnt realise what you actually went through every day. sending big hug. Cant wait for christmas!! eekkk! please tell me youre doing vlogmas! great tip about the rice i always buy the micro pouches as i can never cook rice correctly, but ill be trying youre tip now! xxx

  16. Kellie Cockcroft

    I didn’t realise how many times a day you had to test your levels. Do you feel different as your levels change during the day or would you not know unless you tested? X

  17. Lisa Smith

    Thank you so much for the rice tip!! I only ever is microwave rice asi can't cook it and for the 1st time tonight had perfect rice!!!!!

  18. Susu Al

    Hey Jessica, Have you ever thought of getting a CGM that could help you to see where your blood sugars are heading, and prevent highs as well as lows.
    Love your videos, there always soo informative!

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