DAY IN THE LIFE | gym session, pre/post workout meals, nails & shopping

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today started with a bit of a pamper session because I needed to get my nails fixed. don’t know about you guys, but doing my nails is the least relaxing thing ever but the end result is cute (I do think that I should have gone for pastel blue now lol.. next time). then I made breakfast burritos for my pre-workout meal, did a LEG DAY, showed a mini shop log (HOW CUTE ARE THOSE JEANS?? I swore I’d never wear anything but skinny jeans but guess I changed my mind), and made pancakess! you have to try them. btw the grocery store didn’t have mochi icecream. so sad right

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  1. Aleksandra Gym

    this post workout meal looks so yummyyyy

  2. Sefora a

    Omg please, what’s the colour of the workout set u have on in the thumbnail called 🙏🏼

  3. Carl l

    How is it your English is so damn good? Jesus Christ I hate being American.

  4. shamma Taresh

    What kind of butter do you use ?

  5. Daily Momtivity

    Love the way she talk. So kind and politely 😍😍😍

  6. Olga Poniridou


  7. Minerva

    Hiii you can find mochi ice cream in Mercadona here in Spain in mango or coconut flavor. The mango one is sooo good!!

  8. VJ

    It's these kind of women that give young girls the false idea of how women live. Well, maybe single women, selfish women. The reality of it is (based on if you have a child/children or based on if your me)….I wake up at 5am, I prepare my partners packed lunch for work and his breakfast, I then get my children's uniforms ready, I wake them up, i get them ready for school and take them to class (I am lucky my children make this easy, there are children out there that continuously make this a task in itself! ) , then i go to gym (not with a face full of makeup, false nails and perfect hair or looking super cute) i look half dead but still raring to go and i do what i can at the gym then rush home to shower and change, go back out to buy some FOOD shopping and top up basics such as milk, bread etc, then I come home and do housework duties before realising IT'S ALREADY time to go and pick the kids up. Then it's home, tea time (god help me with this!) then it's time for homework, bath/wash the kids, spend half an hour with them (if i can as it's hard to tear then away from gaming nowadays) then put them to bed, wait for my partner to come home from work and prepare mine and his meal, then try to spend an hour or 2 with him before we go to bed dreading the next day. Let's not forget those working mums who also have to fit a job in! I work nights, 2 times a week, 12 hour shifts. There is no, beautiful hair, no gorgeous nails, no perfect, healthy meal preparations, unless you are kid free, have a VERY GOOD Job or have a partner with a VERY GOOD JOB, that is willing to pay for your luscious, expensive and selfish lifestyle.

  9. Rose Bastos

    Vejo seus vídeos e sinto o mesmo sentimento de quando você assisti vídeos de culinária. Seus vídeos é relaxante, passa uma boa energia 🙏 obrigado 😘🇧🇷

  10. alexandre bernier

    Hey. This video is really full of knowledge. I've been trying to search for a video like yours that educates the stuff in this video. 🧑🏻‍⚕️Your video actually is similar to the channel from Dr Ethan! Doctor's videos are for sure informative and he really helped me a lot on my school. He is a great health enthusiast in Europe!

    I suggest you watch his page out and give the health enthusiast a like here! 👉 #DoctorEthanMedLife

  11. Viajemos Por la vida

    Alguien que hable español aquí 😭 me encantan los videos de esta chica pero. O entiendo inglés

  12. irina iakovlieva

    You are very beautiful young girl 👏🏻🌹🌹🌹👑

  13. EchizenRyomalove

    I m new here, but I REALLY enjoy ur video👍
    Plz make more videos looking forward them😁

  14. Marcela Sandoval

    Hola soy latina y me gustaría q pusieras las letras en tus videos para yo entender mejor, te empecé a seguir ahora me gusto tú video!! 😀😀😀✌️💫saludos

  15. Samr Amr

    I want the recipe of the pancakes

  16. Chanella

    I wanna go jigging for 30 min or gym no food at all only water lemon

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