Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF

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Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF

Get the Highest Quality Electrolyte https://euvexia.com . Dawn Phenomenon: High Fasting Blood Sugar Levels On Keto & IF. What is dawn phenomenon and somogyi effect? People ask why is my blood sugar high in the morning especially people with diabetes and insulin resistance? Why the high blood sugar levels even while eating low carb, keto or intermittent fasting, but this seems like it shouldn’t be happening since blood sugar levels are low while eating low carbohydrates. The dawn phenomenon, also called the dawn effect, is something a lot of diabetes experience where their morning fasting blood sugar go to high levels. You will learn why it happens and why you can still have this happen after you start lowing your blood sugar levels with diet.



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  1. Stanley Poreda

    I was just having this problem today. 2 months LCHF and my A!C sent down over 2 points, blood sugar at night is 112 but morning was 150. This is exactly what happened. Thanks for all your helpful video's. You have been my life saver!! By the way I have lost 27lbs in that time too! Hope to get off Trulicity and some of my metformin soon!

  2. Eleanor Smith

    I decided to do 16/8 fast. I have been able to get my morning sugar down. My metformin was not doing the job. I’m watching how my body reacts to fasting. Lemon water and black coffee until 12:30. Thanks for your explanations. I really don’t want more medicine in my system . I have to stay in low activity mode until I can eat, moving around makes me hungry.

  3. end the fed

    I'm a 66 year old ectomorph who has a BMI of 21 basically my entire life and have never been overweight. Ever. But I recently started a keto diet and after a month measured my fasting insulin and it was 9.4. Since I had been eating a SAD for decades my fasting glucose is typically around 110, so my homa-ir was about 2.3, insulin resistant. 😢

    This video has helped me understand that I am on the right track but it's going to take a while to get insulin sensitivity. Thanks for being such a great teacher. 😊

  4. Mama Bear Mere

    I’ve been trying to understand this for years- I’ve read many articles about the dawn effect for non-diabetics on a low carb diet- and your video was the most informative! Thank you!

  5. Asanka Monarawila

    Dr. please help me. I read and share all your videos. I love them. I am from Sri Lanka. I do intermittent fasting. When I got high Fasting blood sugar l52 or 18.4. should I still continue my fasting until 10am. My usual breakfast time when fasting 16.4 is 10am. I got my test at 8am. Please tell me what to do.. I am awaiting your reply asap, thank you and God Bless you..

  6. Asanka Monarawila

    this is exactly my problem.. this morning i checked my fasting glucose and it was 8.4 or 152. this was after fasting for 14 hours and had my medication after dinner. the previous day I did some strength work out too . I was disappointed and now I got the exact answer from you Dr. Thank you so much

  7. connect2rahim

    The answer to question on thumbnail starts from 14:00 mins

  8. basharat hussain

    I think the Is the best ever explanation of dawn phenomenon ever

  9. B H

    Since its common to have higher blood sugar in the morning, why do doctors check your fasting levels in the mornings?

  10. Hans Closs

    amazing knowledge, thank you doctor

  11. Genevieve O

    WHGMS.. lol, Dr. Sten! 😂

  12. C L

    Thank you so much. I had this exact experience. My blood never goes below the low 90s and is generally around 95-100 all day. When waking up it’s about 115 or more.

    I went lchf and it kept going up in the morning I was scared!

    Also, just as explained, one time I noticed after a really high carb meal (cheated one time) my blood sugar went to 85!

  13. Raymond Breen

    Excellent video, especially when you quantify the amount of sugar in grams and the impact on (average) real world blood levels.

    Over the decades I have abused my body in many ways, and during the last month have been progressively getting things back on track. Lost a load of weight and am now just fine-tuning my foods.

    I got a blood glucose monitor, and have been taking my blood shortly before I break my 20-hour fast, and it has been frustrating to see that some days, it's like 5.9mmol, and others 7 or above.

    I am going to maybe take my fasting blood levels once a week, but take samples right away after the same meal, and then 2 hours after, as this should give me a better / more reliable and trackable baseline.

    Thanks for all your great work, you have singlehandly increased my life expectancy significantly 😀

  14. RibeyeRic

    Thank you so very much! This is me to a "T".

  15. Dirk Krafzig

    Does it make sense to eat a few carbs in the morning (like a few berries) in order to force the body to remove the sugar? My A1C is 5.7 even after 2 years of keto.

  16. Peter Ward

    If possible could you give glucose levels in mmol/l as 90% of the world understands this. 120 doesn't mean anything to non-americans. (OH and while you're at it can you fix the Fahrenheit, miles, fluid Oz thing too 😊)

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