Cycling EVERYDAY For 30 Days

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This is the 30 Day Cycling Challenge. I cycled every day for thirty days on an indoor cycle for a total of over 2000K, over 2 hours per day on average, with pretty great results in terms of body transformation, considering I was not holding back on my diet at all.

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From enhanced muscles, increased flexibility, longer life, boosted confidence to Improved mood, we are talking all that and more.

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1. Improves Mood: The runner’s high isn’t just for runners. Any form of exercise can help you feel great afterwards, including cycling. Activities that get your heart pounding will release energy-boosting hormones called dopamine. After a nice bike ride, that dopamine rush can help improve your mood and energy levels. If you typically feel an afternoon slump at work, going for a quick ride outside during your lunch break may be exactly what you need to stay energized and focused.

2. Weight loss without the extreme diets: Cycling is one of the best methods of exercise to trim fat and lose weight across your whole body. There’s a reason the pro bike riders are so damn lean. Just an hour of cycling can burn as many as 1,000 calories, depending on the intensity you’re riding at. Refueling has also never been more fun. With the number of calories lost on a ride, you’ll need a few post-ride, guilt-free indulgences to get your calories, and energy levels straight back up.

3. Improves Heart Health: By getting your heart rate up cycling strengthens your heart muscles. It also reduces your risk of developing several cardiovascular diseases, including stroke, high blood pressure, and heart attack.

4. Releases Anxiety And Stress: Another important mental health benefit of cycling is relief from anxiety and stress. Cycling helps you balance cortisol and adrenaline levels in the body. When the perfect balance between these two is attained, stress is reduced. This is perhaps one of the healthiest ways to deal with stress. This calming activity allows your brain to focus on breathing and peddling. These two become the prime focus and that in turn, shifts your focus from all sorts of negativity and anxiety.

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  1. Prospect Gaming

    2h10 a day seems like a lot for me, the most I can do is 1hour on a stationary at steady pace.

  2. Przem_

    Not a big deal in your age. In 90' there was not such a problem / goals 😅

  3. Monica Liu

    Late to the game, but awesome vid’. I’ve just started my own cycling challenge in order to get back in shape. The pandemic, full time desk job and studying full time turned me from a fit semi-body builder to an unhealthy soon to be 38year old. So thanks for your motivational vid’!!! And hope your Swedish is coming along – jag hoppas att du får en bra helg och fortsätt med det goda arbetet, lycka till!

  4. Cxntrol GT

    Bit late to this. I'm only 15 I ride 5hrs every day. But I ride on my Carrera in the country side so it is quite hilly which makes it hard work after a little while. But it goes to show no matter how much you ride your bike for daily it will still be tiring

  5. Kana Chan

    DAMMNN you inspire me to increase my time cycling I'm 14 and I only do 15 mins a day HAH I can't do more than that in the past because of Online Class and our school gives a lot of activities to do. Thanks for inspiring me to increase my cycling bro Goodluck in your life🥰🤗

  6. Kyle Done

    This is why I do real cycling on a bike

  7. SDarkOmenS

    i feel like to combat the minotiny would be to get an actual bike and go down a trail or something where you're actually moving along you're getting a view change and you're out in nature which is also good for you mentally

  8. nkosana silenje

    during this challenge did it affect your performance in bed in anyway?

  9. Ms Cardona

    I don’t think you need to ours is cycling I think you’re overdoing yourself I just started cycling I love the way it makes me feel my back doesn’t hurt as much but it’s so hard to stand up and cycle my legs be burning so bad but I’m gonna keep doing it I love it and thank you

  10. Official Sean The Traveler from Google Maps!!!

    This was great but I just wish you would have given us a side by side comparison so we could physically see your transformation at the end. But definitely job well done my friend.

  11. Sumo "fatso"

    I been cycling for 1,5-2hours a day and doing also anaerobic training and jogging and walking for 1-4 hours for the last two weeks. I feel a little lighter. Progress is progressive some days when doing the more intense training I can loose 3-5kg of sweat iin a day.But you got to eat and drink fluids to keep your body dehydrated. Still going to do 2 week trading and then switch to cross training for a while.

  12. Superson Kamei

    I cycle 90km everyday on my MTB…. Been 7 months.

  13. Yasin S

    To achieve much more results, use a real bike.

  14. skittle

    Me: a Dutch person
    I’ve been cycling all my life…

  15. Nigeria Nicholson

    I just started cycling today😊

  16. BGG Esports

    not really sure if this is cycling. the whole point of cycling is to cover physical distance not virtual distance in ur living room

  17. Blitzed

    > Cycling everyday for 30 days
    > Thumbnail shows upper body

  18. kasha

    Gnarly dude… In know you were hurtin'! But helluva job👍👍💯

  19. Coach Thomas

    I have been cycling since 1972 and still at it at age 64+ with no intention of giving up. In India, people stupidly think it's "below their standard" to cycle and it meant for the poor folks!! "Cycling saves money and burns fat while vehicles burns money and saves fat". Never bother to buy high-end and flashy cycles that costs a lot of money. Instead just go for a simple cycle with no gears and which has mudguards on both wheels and carrier baskets in front and use it for daily commuting and buying daily chores. I cycle about 30kms daily and the health benefits is worth it. Never cycle faster than 15km/hour and try to maintain a steady pace AMAP. Cycling also helps me in helping out road accident victims and calling the police and ambulance for shifting them to hospitals.

  20. Aishwarya

    will Cycling make my shoulders bigger?

  21. Christian E Palaric

    Just keep on biking. Love it

  22. Mywa

    I like watching girls cycling to see that 🍑

  23. Badza_

    i cycled 400km in June. Guess my age 😀

  24. Jose Rodriguez

    Things that's spoil mood…bike theft

  25. Jeff Fletcher

    Gas prices in 2022 may result in a lot of us being healthier. I've been taking my bike more often for short runs to the store and stuff instead of my car. Should've done it sooner! Screw the oil companies!

  26. Susan Scorah

    I have been bicycle touring for 3 years and ride 35-60 miles per day and have not lost a single but I am in great shape and happy everyday…RIDE YOR BIKE

  27. Jeff C

    It is very hard to lose weight via exercise.

  28. Taty Nicole

    Can I get the same benefits from my beach cruiser?

  29. Moccasin

    0:28 I definitely didn't spend 3 grand on a bike……….

  30. Pro Brothers

    I'm skinny and a weight gainer but I go for cycling daily, should i continue??

  31. P. Russoniello

    The word is "END"less not "in"less

  32. Max Novakovics

    1:38 well they also need to be, to be competitive. Same as horse jockeys and f1 drivers, heck even performance cars; Power to Weight ratio.

  33. Max Novakovics

    Swimming is probably the only better form of exercise, overall.

  34. No1ox play

    i am cycling like 4 hours a every day

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