Covid treatment at home | step by step covid 19 treatment in Home isolation

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Covid treatment at home | step by step covid 19 treatment in Home isolation – This lecture explains my personal experience with covid 19 disease and i explained how i get rid of covid 19 in home isolation with covid treatment at home. The step by step process of covid treatment at home is explained with this video lecture. Follow these steps to cure covid 19 disease staying at home. If you have covid 19 disease and you are in home isolation, use the mentioned tips to take care of yourself to know about the best covid treatment at home to cure the infection. Stay tuned to this video lecture to know more about the following question-
how to cure covid 19?
can i cure covid 19 at home?
how to take care of covid 19 patients at home?
how to manage covid symptoms at home?
what is the best line of treatment for covid 19 during home isolation?
how to cure yourself from covid in home isolation?
is it really possible to get covid treatment at home in India?
All these questions will be answered in this video on covid treatment at home in India Hindi.
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Thank you for watching the video lecture on Covid treatment at home | step by step covid 19 treatment in Home isolation.
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  1. jennie Black pink official

    I am positive please pray for me

  2. ishrat unnisa

    Bhai ye virus 15 din ma khatam hojaega kya

  3. Dory Benz

    Is he speaking in English or another language? I can't understand

  4. Rosy Yadav

    Covid 19 ka chalan kese bhara jayga bato

  5. Victor Barry

    It was a great breakthrough for me to be cured of herpes virus with Dr Madida herbal cure I found out about on YouTube by searching for Doctor youtube channel with Dr Madida.

  6. stinoy maxon

    what I should do to protect my gut…. It's been 8 months of long covid…

    My digestion is not in right way…

    This long covid, lowered my gut signal to the brain…

    And i have lil bit body ache…..

    Corona mainly affected in my gut… Not in my respiratory system…. Plz help me to come back to normal life… I don't know why am not getting signals to the brain to urinate😢…. I drink lot of water… And i urinate only lil bit….

    I went for a scan and… Found 2 stones in both kindey having size of 1.5mm and 2mm

    From the past 20 dys i have been taking the medicine for kidney stone..

    I can't even imagine what kind of complication given to me by this covid virus….. am only 25 years old,…. By the issues am facing on my gut …i can't even eat food from hotels, I quite drinking….

    I loose all my hope…. Yesterday I took 2nd dose vaccine…. I don't have any hope doctor 😞

  7. aesthetic girl💖

    My father test postive please pray for my father😭😣

  8. Hubiya Jan

    Jo apko first phase m lg raha tha mjhe b wasa lag raha h..
    M philhal dakhna chahte hu ki agr 2,3 din m thk hogya..
    Phr test nhi krunge
    Ese mat koi problem hogi

  9. Петр Ермаков


    According to the information space diagnostics ICD , there are 28 covid-19 viruses on Earth, of which 4 viruses cause death in 14 days. We are unable to control the emergence of the virus on Earth and its departure. Let's consider what the virus is dangerous and what to do in solving the coronavirus problem from the ICD perspective?

    First, some viruses are deadly. The presence of covid-19 viruses causes: acceleration of the aging of the body by 1.5 times and a decrease in the life span, an increase in slagging of blood vessels and DNA, tumor growth, reduces the release of hormones, impairs the functioning of capillary valves, increases the number of red blood cells in blood aggregates (makes the blood thick), impairs the work of physiological systems, reduces the elasticity of blood vessels (blood vessels burst). The presence of a small number of viruses does not seem to cause an obvious disease state, but at the same time, viruses give the entire set of health disadvantages. A person quickly gets tired, performance decreases, weakness, old age sets in. The shortcomings of weak organs and existing diseases appear faster. In this state, life is shortened, which awaits the generation of coronavirus people.

    Medicine is using vaccines to solve the coronavirus problem. Vaccination, it was noticed, does not cause serious conditions in infected people, except for those who die. However, the vaccine does not kill the coronavirus and contributes to the transmission of viruses. Vaccination is a primitive temporary solution to a problem that does not solve the main thing – a complete elimination of the coronavirus.

    How does our body react to the coronavirus? If covid viruses enter the body, the adrenocorticotropic hormone ACTH is released in the pituitary gland. Release of ACTH in excess of 3 pg / ml contributes to the suppression of the virus. About 44% of people produce this amount of the hormone ACTH, so these people do not get the virus. Vaccination does not increase the production of the hormone ACTH. What to do?

    Now a new direction of information medicine is developing – improving the properties of known substances by increasing the energy of the fields of atoms by informational activation (verbal influence). For classical medicine, this is an unusual phenomenon, since medicine has not yet fully recognized the presence of a Soul in a person, the existence of an information field and structures of the information field to which the Soul belongs, and the phenomenon of subordination to the field structures of the information field of energy fields.

    It turns out that the semantic information of the information field from some people changes the intensity of the energy fields of atoms. Thus, with the informational activation of such substances as malic acid, galactose, water, the intensity of the energy fields of the atoms of these substances can be increased strictly to a certain value. When a small amount of informationally activated malic acid, galactose or water is taken in the human body, viruses are suppressed and the work of living cells of the body is stimulated. Thus, a person frees from all viruses in the body that cause the corresponding, as it were, incurable diseases. At the same time, these substances completely cleanse blood vessels and DNA from transposons, remove tumors, increase the elasticity of blood vessels, thin blood, change the structure of water in the body and bring it to the state of 33 water molecules in a cluster, which significantly lengthens our life and reduces morbidity.

  10. The Doomsday weapon

    I am having dizzy,cough and noseblock i hope im not affected

  11. Rashmi Sharma

    Let's pray for those who are tested positive 🥺😓

  12. Faan Faan

    Assalam O alekum please dear brother contect me😢

  13. Rishabh Mishra

    Nice information, I had used ashwagandha capsules from planet ayurveda to boost my immunity system. This ayurvedic remedy also helped me to fight other diseases like cough, cold, flu etc. My overall health system got good after regular taking ashwagandha after meal.

  14. Aggy Bory

    Please pray for my mom and me we both tested covid positive 😥

  15. Ravi Verma

    Hlo sir ji iss samay dengu bahut chal rha h please ek dengu pr video bnayiye

  16. Revelino Herman

    I am a covid 19 patient from category 2 to category 1 …my tips to become health and recover from this kind of illness is keep praying to God .also drink a lot of lemon mix honey also clove…and it's make me better ..Now I don't have any symptom of covid …Praise to the Lord..

  17. Kevin Anaks

    – Scientist K.E Anaekwe — — Fear-not !!, u can better fight covid if u speedup ur body's systems: – spend all nights sleeping head pointing south legs pointing north, stay hydrated – —– –
    — Motion Science — — To know more
    –  Visit  –  wattpad  –  Book Title; WHAT DOCTORS DON'T KNOW ABOUT CANCER….

  18. Abdullah Bhatti

    I've gotten my first dose of phyzer on September 14, but rn I'm sick asf can't even move, symptoms are same as described can it be covid?

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