Covid 19 medicine | Coronavirus medicine treatment

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Covid 19 medicine | Coronavirus medicine treatment – This lecture explains about the list of covid 19 medicine like the remdesivir injection and the hydroxychlroroquine drug for the treatment of covid 19 disease. Stay tuned to this video to know more about the coronavirus medicines and the treatment of covid 19 disease with coronavirus medicine. This lecture will answer all the following questions –
what is covid 19 medicine?
how to use coronavirus medicine for coronavirus treatment?
how to use covid 19 medicine in coronavirus treatment?
how coronavirus treatment work?
how covid 19 medicine works?
this video will help you understand drugs used in covid 19 treatment as the covid 19 medicines.

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Thank you for watching the video lecture on Covid 19 medicine | Coronavirus medicine treatment.

How should you treat yourself if you have tested Covid positive and have been advised by the doctor to quarantine at home? What medicines should you take? What is the right way to check saturation level? There is so much information doing the rounds on social media, that people often get confused on which advice they could rely on. The Government of India has shared some suggestions by a renowned doctor. A word of caution from senior doctors like Naresh Trehan and Devi Shetty. Watch the video.

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  1. Priyom Borkotoky

    My father was COVID +ve on 14th and negative now. So does he have to wait for some months before taking booster dose?

  2. Nilofer Anjum

    Thnku sir for sharing knowledge n positivity ❣️ love you so much 😊

  3. siri marupilla

    phD from private universities will be plus or minus to career?? Plz answer

  4. Ayyagari Rama Krishna Rao, BS

    As one who studied biology, I would say, your lectures are all quite informative and educative to all people who had no prior knowledge of the life and medical sciences.
    Kudos bro!

  5. Brian Thomas Matthews

    Hi Shomu,

    You mentioned in 11:57 that the viral RNA will enter the nucleus. Why would it need to enter the nucleus in the first place, if it is positively stranded and could be directly translated to proteins outside the nucleus through ribosomes?

  6. shabareesh sharma

    Thank you sir.. You literally don't have any idea how many students are benefited by your video's in Andhrapradesh and Telangana …everyone in my class know your channel 😍.. Even in Karnataka where I have completed my bsc in biotechnology everyone used to watch your videos..

  7. rajesh kumar

    But we have to take medicine as per doctor's prescription….

  8. Shivani Shukla

    Thanks a lot for spreading positivity with valuable information sir🙏🏻

  9. Copy Paste

    Bro something wrong with your microphone

  10. Tutul Saha

    Thanks for the valuable informations.

  11. MrCyaltrbye

    The “BS” on the top right seems pretty appropriate.

  12. Chuck Ward

    why are doctors not giving medicine for a positive covid test

  13. macho 1111

    Why the lies about ivermectin, we could save lives

  14. Salleh Ibrahim


  15. Ahlai Tan

    Just common sensely simple !. Took a lot of fresh air and water ! Exercise well if i not. If I have, will take a Good rest. Taking care of my natural breathing apparatus !. The rest will naturally take care of itself !.

  16. mark cnudde

    the ccp (chinese communist party) intially lied about the outbreak and origin of the virus, then tried to cover it up…..after that failed conspired with the WHO to claim the virus was non contagious before unleashing it upon the entire world killing untold millions… china has developed vaccines fully approve by guess who? the WHO and are unleashing them upon the entire world…..

  17. Yelena Avetisova

    Frontline doctors recommend ivermectin. Why wage war on a drug that helps? It is on the list of 100 WHO essential medications. Ivermectin helps, people, at any stage of the illness as well as profilactically!

  18. K

    "thanks to vaccination bastard who attacked this virus to me and my family,vaccinate people
    need to stay home when they feel sick

  19. Victoria simple delicious food

    I really need to know I'm fighting covid 19 now is day 7, I had red eyes and dry cough diarrhea, how do you know if you have not enough oxygen… What I mean is it when you breath in you can feel it or not …. What I mean is I don't feel anything like pain. When I breath in, or there is no pain in the chest like asthma….how do I know … Because I have no oxemeter at home please help me to answer

  20. Frank Lombardi, Sr

    Watch Fauchi, is he insane?

  21. John Zimmerman

    Merck was initially responsible for bad mouthing Ivermectin. We now know why: Merck has just released the results of a drug it has developed which is effective but far more expensive than Ivermectin. No profit in Ivermectin, but big profit in this new drug. The fact that Merck and all other big pharma refused to run trials on Ivermectin despite the fact that growing evidence from numerous studies showed its efficacy is probably the best evidence that it works.

  22. Lota Mendoza

    Ivermectin truly works there’s lot of testimonies.


    we do hope you told the truth DOCTORS.


    keep on telling the truth and this is what we need,THE TRUTH for satan is the father of all liars.SATAN is the great deceivers and doctors and scientists into covid research should tell the truth.When profit is placed before health of billions of people,death is the result.


    Revelation 12:9

    King James Version

    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

  26. Herb Bowler

    It's easy to cure.

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